Disney pirate tune

Hi all,

If anyone went to the Pirate & Princess Party and rode the riverboat, at the end of the VERY long story about the Jolly Roger, an incredibly fun, catchy song was played that basically told the story in a much cuter way than the narration!

My friends and I were laughing so much that I didn't get a lot of the lyrics but it had a part about "he tortured them quickly!" and also talked about roger giving them good dinners.

I want to find the song to make a CD for my friends about our fun that night, and stupidly I assumed it would be easy to find on one of Disney's pirate compilations. However, I can't find anything that seems right.

I doubt Disney recorded a new song for a riverboat ride, so it must be something floating around. And i would bet it has "jolly roger" in the title somehow. Yet I can't find anything. If anyone has any leads for me, I would greatly appreciate it!


P.S. We haven't discussed the music of the Pirate/Princess parade much here, I would guess because it's a rehash of familiar songs, but if anyone has any questions about it, I would be happy to try and answer. The parade is cute.