Disney park voice on iTunes (Michelle Lindahl)


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Hope you're all doing well! I just had to share this with you all ? some of you may have heard her name, I'm sure you've read it in all the park albums, Michelle Lindahl. She has been one of the lead voices of the park shows and events since the 90's and is one of the most fantastic singers you could find anywhere (and is as sweet and kind as anyone could ever be). Some songs where you would specifically recognize her voice would be the "Wishes" ballad version (with David Wise) and the soloist on "Celebrate The Future Hand in Hand" (Fountain of Nations/OA version). Well, her church (Northland ? A Church Distributed, Orlando) recently released a Christmas album on iTunes and she is featured on two of the tracks. Many of the Disney voices and Voices of Liberty go to this church and are also featured on the CD. I just thought all you big park music fans might enjoy hearing more of Michelle ? it's such a shame that the incredible singers who sing all the park music get so little credit and are rarely ever even credited in the albums.

All the tracks on the CD are absolutely amazing, but the two on which she is featured are tracks 1 and 3 (she has an AMAZING long solo on track 1). I'm going to try to paste a link to the album below:

You should really check it out ? let's support the real Disney talents! :)
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Having the privelege to be familiar with this amazing woman's voice as well, I second this post all the way (and I'm not just saying that because I'm Rick's girlfriend ;) ). She could not be a more dear person and the tracks where she sings on this are just magical. It's incredible to be able to hear the voices that you hear in the parks in other contexts, and this context is breathtaking. The first time Rick and I heard the song "Here With Us," when Michelle began to sing, it actually started to snow outside! How does Disney do it?

The voices of the Disney singers have contributed to the lives of all of us who have grown up hearing them in the parks. It will be awesome someday when Rick produces a CD featuring just the Disney singers and their individual talents (but I guess this will do until then :) ).
Is it also available as regular CD? I couldn't find it on the church website and amazon also only sells it as downloads. The download is nice but it doesn't come with album notes.

I agree that Walt Disney World has countless great musical and comedy talents that deserve further attention. One of my favorite performers is Andrea Canny, who played Belle and has an amazing voice and rare comic talent. Another is Dennis Marsico, who also appeared on Trading Spaces. Tim and Sheila Goodwin, Terry Ward, Jim Detmar, Margaret Hardin, Budge Threlkeld... the list goes on and on. She and many many others have their own followings among cast members and park guests, but the world should know more of their talents.
Michdahl is Amazing!!! Go and listen to these tracks. She doesn't get the credit she deserves. Thanks Rick for pointing these awesome songs out to the board.