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I have just signed up for this forum. I have recently started collecting Disney Park music. I have several movie soundtracks, but got interested in park music during my last trip and I am planning a trip to WDW in late April. I intend to get some more park exclusive CD's and I wanted to visit the WDW Forever CD kiosks. I was wondering if anyone has an updated list for the tracks that are available at the kiosks. THANKS!!!!
I just went on the new disney website and it lists information about the locations of the kiosk in the FAQ section of the Guest Relations link at the bottom of the main website page. I also had a cast member tell me about it when I called the mail order merchandised number within the last week. That is the only reason I asked, I thought they were still there.


got a link to this text on the WDW site as i don't see it! also if you want more disney theme park msuic you might want to sign my petition to get more by composer BruceBroughton released on CD. I need all the signatures I can get for it, thansk and take care~


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Welcome aboard this roller coaster of Disney park music!

I'm not sure if the Wonderland Music Kiosks are still at WDW. The WDW Forever system has been gone for 2 years and that's what Steve LeVine was referring to- that's the system that focused on Park music. The Wonderland system made old LP's available on CD and was the more recent system. DL's version was shut down last year shortly before Disney released the stuff on iTunes. Being a Disneylander, I didn't really pay attention to whether WDW's system was being shut down as well, though I think we all assumed that it was. I hear WDW was much more supportive of it than DL was, so it's concievable that it still runs there, but I don't remember hearing anything specific.
Here is the written information from the Disney website link I just provided.

Q: How do I get an album of music (from parades, attractions, etc) at Walt Disney World?

A: Please contact our Merchandise Services department by calling (407) 363-6200, Monday through Friday between 8:30 and 11:45 a.m., or between 12:30 and 5 p.m.
Or you may write to them at:

Walt Disney World Merchandise Services
Post Office Box 10070
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0070
It may interest you to know that guests may now create their own custom compact discs of classic Walt Disney World music and dialogue. Custom CDs -- Walt Disney World Forever may be purchased at the following locations:

Inside Studio M at the Downtown Disney Marketplace
Pizza Planet at the Disney-MGM Studios
Journey Into Your Imagination at Epcot
Across from Caravan Stage in Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park
Town Square Exposition Hall in the Magic Kingdom Park.
Guest may choose ten tracks from a list of more than 400 selections (with more still to be added). Guests may choose from various attractions, current and retired. Also included is music from former and current Walt Disney World parades and shows.

Prior to selecting their tracks, Guests may listen to short clips. The cost of each CD is $19.98. No list of selections is available except at the kiosk.

We hope you find this information helpful.

For more information about Walt Disney World, please visit our Walt Disney World home page.

Disney just updated their website last week, so I thought that it MAY be accurate.

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Wierd. Well like I said, the WDW Forever system has been dead for several years so the part about customizing CD's with Theme park stuff is patently inaccurate. The Wonderland music CDs, if they are still available, are not something you can customize- you don't select tracks you just choose the album you want and they do burn the whole thing for you. I'd call mail order again and tell them what you've heard here, and ask them to double check for you.
I saw in an earlier post that some park music is available on ITunes. I have looked there and have a hard time finding anything. Any suggestions that might make my search easier. Maybe I am not looking for the right thing.
Thanks Bill. I just purchased the last copy of the 6 CD box set of the 50th Disneyland from the Disney shopping web site a few days ago. I just got it in the mail today. I love it already. I have looked at a few things from ITunes, but I guess I really don't know what was available through Wonderland before it went to Itunes, so I am not really sure what to look for on the site. I just put in a search for Disney and it came up with a few things. I know that The Disneyland 50th (1 CD) is available at Best Buy, saw a copy there the other day. I also have seen that you can download Finding Nemo: The Musical, but I don't remember which site I was on. I usually buy from Walmart, Musicmatch, or Yahoo, so it was probably one of those. I was really trying to find music from Space Mountain. I have gotten my hands on a few things, but I am still missing the ComChat, the Sound Effects Loop, and the Space Warp tracks. The 6 CD set had some Space Mountain on it, but not any of these. Any ideas where I may look, or is this a lost cause?


Whoever said they were "dead" for several years, if they HAVE the info, they HAVEN'T discontinued them.



Apologies for double posting.

However, I just wanted to know if you called the WDW merchandise line (which is on speed dial...), if it was humanly possible to get a Sonny Eclipse CD of the show or something?



I can vouch for the Walt Disney World Forever system being totally shut down in 2002. The information listed on Disney's own website is quite outdated and inaccurate, as not only has the system been down for a while, there were very few new tracks added for much of the duration of its stay.

Obviously, the system did not go unnoticed in the online DIsney music collecting community. The entire collection of Walt Disney World Forever tracks can be found floating around the 'net, albeit illegally.

None of the Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain has been released on any commercially available albums to date. Even the track referenced as Disneyland Paris' Space Mountain on the "75 Years of Music and Magic" boxed set from 1998 is the original Disneyland track.

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To clarify for Bill, the MK's Space mOuntain had 4 tracks released on WDW Forever, but nothing has been released on a factory made CD.


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We need more theme park music on iTunes! It seems like they are adding more albums every few months or so, according to another forum (I think it's MouseTunes)


The Wonderland system in WDW was shut down last October. The only place to find any of those cd's are either on eBay or on iTunes.

Thanks to Randy a lot of the best ones were on iTunes almost as soon as the Wonderland system shut down in WDW.