Disney Owns Marvel and Other Recordings

Sorry! It's been a while since my last video that I head the news that Disney owns Marvel Comics for $4 billion, that was September, and as of yesterday, Disney took over Marvel and it is now owns Spider-Man, X-Men, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk and many other characters. That is probably my story on Disney owns Marvel and the buyout from Marvel to Disney.

As speaking of that, I found this album somewhere called "Dial B For Blog" it was a 1972 LP from Buddah Records entitled "The Amazing Spider-Man - A Rock-Komic". This is definitely a rare album fans of Disney (formerly Marvel) and fans of Disney related recordings. I'm going to share this to Ken "makeminemusic", I'm glad you're back here and your relaunched site "Walt's Music". I hope you'll like it.


If you like this album, tell us what you think about this LP, but Spider-Man is now owned by Disney, but not Marvel. That was what I have heard about it in the news.

I hope that maybe someday, Walt Disney Records will be re-releasing many of Marvel album material including the 1972 album "Spider-Man - A Rockomic". Let's hope if Disney will be re-releasing it.


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Spider Mickey, Spider Mickey, does whatever a ...................

Imagine Donald saying "Don't get me angry, you wouldn't..................." and turning green :blink:

The prospects are endless.

Thanks for the links. Yes, very 1970's :D