Disney On Ice?

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Just Curious... Does anyone know where one could find teh audio from ANY of the Disney on Ice Productions? I couldnt find anything on previous posting... if anyone has any suggestion... I would appreciate it!

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How funny you should ask!
I'm a cast member with Disney Live! (owned/run by the same company that does Disney on Ice). The only Disney on Ice recording that I have seen that was released was their 100 Years of Magic show, but from what I could tell from the track listings and info, it's just a collection of songs from the soundtracks of the films the scenes came from.



the only other way to get the recording of the show you saw; would be to get a rehearsal CD. and I have NO idea how to get that! LOL

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Errrrrrr........ I am not giving up there HAS to be something some place.... That is some of the best music out there....... Hummmm I will let you all know if I find something.... Until then, Have a Magical Day!

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Try alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.parks. I personally am not on the network (too much money!!!), but many people have found it very successful. Good luck!


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I used to work for Disney On Ice, and I have a CD rip of the music for the show I worked for... If you are intested... Id be more than happy to share.... The show I worked for thus have the soundtrack for is Disney On Ice presents Disney?Pixar's: Monsters Inc... If interested let me know... I dont mind sendind it out.... The best part of it is that it has the opening where the fab 4 come out and introduce the show... its sooo cute! Also BTW i also have a pro-shot DVD of the show filmed in Salt Lafe City, UT... if anyone is interested I wouldnt mibnd getting thyose out to others as well....