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I usually keep one eyeball here and one eyeball on amazon.com to keep up with the new releases, but I have some questions. ::)

I love the Disney on Classic series! I'm trying to figure out which one of these are the live albums and which are just the compilations (or do some of them have both?)

Disney On Classic A Magical Night 2008

Track Listing:

1 The Dream Goes On ~tokyo Disney Resort® 25th Anniversary Theme Song
2 Electric Fanfare
3 Baroque Hoedown
4 All In The Golden Afternoon
5 The Unbirthday Song
6 Alice In Wonderland
7 The Caucus Race
8 In A World Of My Own
9 'twas Brillig
10 The Enchanted Fairy Garden From Tokyo Disneyland® Disney's Fantillusion !
11 Grim Grinning Ghosts
12 Yo Ho
13 It's A Small World
14 Porto Paradiso (Port Theme Song)-mediterranean Harbor
15 Stormrider Suite (Attraction Music)-port Discovery
16 Tokyo Disneysea Opening Celebration Song "Come With Me"
17 Tokyo Disneysea Theme Song
18 Someone's Waiting For You
19 La La Lu
20 Bella Notte
21 Some Day My Prince Will Come
22 Go The Distance
23 Colors Of The Wind
24 True Love's Kiss
25 Part Of Your World
26 A Whole New World
27 God Help The Outcasts

Disney On Classic A Magical Night 2007: Live (ok this one is listed as live, I think that answers my question ;))

Track Listing:

(couldn't copy it, see it on play-asia's website)

Disney On Classic A Magical Night: Love & Ballad Acoustic Selection

1 Beauty And The Beast
2 Someone's Waiting For You
3 When She Loved Me
4 Reflection(Mulan)
5 Colors Of The Wind
6 The Second Star To The Right
7 Love's First Kiss(Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs)
8 Part Of Your World
9 Love Is A Song
10 La La Lu (What is this from?)
11 Bella Notte
12 Feed The Birds
13 When You Wish Upon A Star
14 A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
15 So This Is Love
16 Some Day My Prince Will Come
17 A Whole New World
18 Someday
19 Can You Feel The Love Tonight
20 Love Will Find A Way

I guess my main question is, are the First and Third CDs live? Or are the tracks different from the ones on the normal soundtrack cds? I know some of the others are just compilations, with tracks taken straight from soundtrack CDs and I would like to avoid those if I could.

Of course a more detailed explanation of all Disney on Classics from 2007 back is found here:


Thanks guys!



La La Lu is the song the mom sings in Lady in the Tramp

The first and 3rd cds are not live, but except for a couple of featured songs they are not the soundtrack versions they are recreations of the songs by the orchestra.



question to almandot: no offense intended, but are you sure about your response regarding the Disney on Classic 2008 release?

I bought all the prior "Disney on Classic" CDs from Japan and looking at the track listing of the Disney on Classic 2008 release I started to wonder. Sure there is "some" new material on the Disney on Classic 2008 release, however considering what they did last year I fear that the majority of the release might actually be material from the OSTs or from prior releases. 10 of 14 tracks on the 2007 release were actually songs taken straight from the OSTs...

However, I wonder whether the listing is correct in the first place, since "The Enchanted Fairy Garden" was already included on the 2007 and the 2005 releases (both times the same recording). So are they repeating the same track in 2008?? Also the original OST-version of "Someday My Prince Will Come" was included in the 2007 release as well.

After the disappointment in last years release I would love to be able to be sure about this before placing my order. Did you already get your copy of the Disney on Classic 2008 release??



No, you're right. I didn't look through this year's and it's all official soundtrack releases from Walt Disney Records except for the first track which is the version of Dream Goes On from when they drove the cars around the hub with all the characters and old park costumes on the 25th anniversary.


I'm only asking because some of the instrument tracks on the Disney on Classics have just be fantastic and I would like to get more. But I don't want to get a CD that is all music from the movies!

Thanks for answering guys!