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as some of you know I returned from my first visit to Tokyo and certainly also Tokyo Disneyland a bit less than two weeks ago ... and here I am finally starting a report about the CDs / musical side of the trip.

Nearly all CDs have been talked on this board about already - but there were a few surprises too... Here are the first two:

Disney on Classic - a Magical Night 2004 - Believe in Love
WDR / avex AVCW-12415
released 2005

Disney on Classic - a Magical Night 2005 - Dreaming Forever
WDR / avex AVCW-12417
released 2005

Both CDs feature recordings from two different touring concerts in which what looks like a large symphony orchestra performed Disney music, with a few exceptions all instrumental. Unfortunately I was unable to get any additional information about the tour production or whether there are also any older CDs.

Tracklisting 2004:
1. Main Street Electrical Parade 5:32
- Fanfare of Lights
- Baroque Hoedown
- All in the Golden Afternoon
- The Unbirthday Song
- Alice in Wonderland
- Cinderella
- Entry of the Gladiators
- A Bit Bubbly
- Brazzle Dazzle Day
- It's Not Easy
2. Aladding Orchestra Suite 10:09
- Arabian Nights
- Friend Like Me
- A Whole New World
- Prince Ali
3. The Lion King Suite 11:07
- This Land
- Circle of Life
- I Just Can't Wait to be King
- Be Prepared
- Hakuna Matata
- Can You Feel the Love Tonight
- Circle of Life (Finale)
4. Illuminations: Reflections of Earth 9:50
5. It's a Small World 2:14

The MSEP track is (at least for me) the highlight of the CD and beats the other symphonic interpretations available by length.

Track 2 and 3 are OK but at some points the orchestrations are a bit surprising - still enjoyable though.

Why they included Illuminations is the big question here. I understand that it was included in the live performance as it is a great piece - but at least for those of us who have the original recording from EPCOT the recording doesn't make much sense. It comes across as a weaker, less convincing rerecording missing any new ideas but featuring a far less concentrated orchestra.

The final track (It's a Small World) is OK again - the arrangements again were very liberal with the material but that is not always bad, unless you expect the track to be catchy, which it is not.

Overall: a good CD for those of us, who enjoy instrumental recordings of Disney material by big orchestras. I would say the MSEP track on its own makes it worth getting the CD

On to the second CD in the series - 2005:

1. The Enchanted Fairy Garden from Tokyo Disneyland's Fantillusion! 5:51

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
2. Fog Bound 2:06
3. The Medallion Calls 2:01
4. The Black Pearl 2:15
5. Swords Crossed 2:44
6. Moonlight Serenade 2:09
7. One Last Shot 4:47
8. He's a Pirate 1:28

Disney's Love & Ballad Accoustic Corner
9. Love's First Kiss (Snow White) 4:20
10. Reflection (Mulan) 3:36
11. Feed the Birds (Mary Poppins) 3:32
12. When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2) 3:04

13. Illuminations: We Go On 2:31

The Little Mermaid
14. Part of Your World 5:08
15. Happy Ending 3:23

So what about the second CD? Again there is light and shadow but for fans of instrumental music I would recommend the music.

The Fantillusion track is good - there is not much to say about it else, as it is pretty near to the original recording and is well executed.

The second segment of the CD, the 7 tracks from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl on the other side are just great. Sure, there is no new material here, but the new recording has at times a different feeling than the original showing a few new sides while staying close enough to the original for the fan. Definitely fun to listen to!

The next segment of the CD (Disney's Love & Ballad Acoustic Corner) is a mixed bags again unfortunately. Love's First Kiss is barely noticable - also: where did they get that violin player? TERRIBLE, talk about killing a song!

With Reflection they decided to go for a trumpet instead of a violin as solo instrument - and it was a good choice, it gives the whole track a much warmer feeling and opens all new sides up. Great! VERY GOOD!

The violin player is back with Feed the Birds. Again he is playing it very stretched out, but at least it is recognizable. In fact it is rather likeable, bringing up the question whether maybe the arrangement was the problem with "Love's First Kiss". The version has a lot of depth and I could see it very well played as the final musical note at a ceremony to remember Walt, as it adds additional serenity to Walt's song. GOOD!

"When She Loved Me" again feature the solo trumpet - and it works brilliant. I thought the song was Ok when I heared it on the OST but in this version it just blew me away - the depths of feelings conveyd by the trumpet is incredible, especially as it takes at points the tempo a bit down. GREAT!

Next up is "We Go On" - which is just not necessary to add to a collection if you have the original recording from EPCOT. They decided to have a female singer plus large chorus in for this track - and while she has a warm voice she lacks the power of the original, just as the whole recording is a bit too tame without adding any new side. I guess it worked well at the live event, but on CD it is just a filler

The final two tracks are from The Little Mermaid. Unfortunately they chose to have a female singer performing Part of Your World. Bad decision. Her voice is very hard and metallic at times really painful. Also she seems to have never looked into what the song is supposed to tell story wise. Don't get me started on the phrasing of her... Short: in the running for the top ten in the list of worst interpretations of a Disney song. Maybe good if you want to chase Disney fans out of the room.

Happy Ending nearly would have brought the CD to a good ending, but then SHE is back again and destroys the magic. It is also strange that here they included some applaus.

Overall: a great CD, the better of the two (even so the first one is highly recommendable too), that is if you skip the last two tracks.

Both CDs are also available outside the Tokyo Disney Resort.



Hi Sharon,

just to avoid any misconception: the two CDs Disney on Classic are available in the shops of TDR but as far as I understand they are NOT in any way TDR related but just general releases of Disney music by Walt Disney Records. The concerts were performed all over Japan.



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Hi Dirk-

That's OK. I'd still want them . They're Disney CDs of stuff I don't have...isn't that enough reason to want them?

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That is enough reason to want them ... I just bought them because it obviously was Disney ... didn't have a clue what it was till I listened to it. But the nice thing is: one can actually enjoy listening to these two CDs, something that is not always true for those Disney stuff one buys unseen / unheared .



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Like my 4 Japanese CDs with Disney music box music? Makes you want to pull your hair out after the first 3 songs.....

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Sounds great. Maybe we are lucky and they are released on DVD ...

Any information whether a new concert is scheduled for next year (should be January or February if they stick to their old set of dates as far as I understand)?

While I would not be able to attend I would hope for another CD...

Dirk I'm brand new to this site and I don't know much about what I'm supposed to do. I was just wondering Pirates soundtrack by Klaus Badelt is one of my favorites. How can I get my hands on a copy of that version you found?


Hi - and welcome to the board!

I was able to buy my copies of the CD during a visit to Tokyo Disney but to my understanding they are available in CD shops in Japan in general.

Therefore you should be able to get the CDs through online shops in Japan, e.g. cdjapan - but I haven't checked this.

Also note my post further above regarding two CDs available on amazon.com - the names are right but the descriptions are off. So we don't know whether these are the CDs or not, but you may try your luck.



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My memory is something akin to swiss cheese, but I BELIEVE I saw 1 or 2 of these at the Virgin Megastore at DTD a few weeks ago. I should have written down the exact titles...sorry. But they were mondo expensive....like $35 apiece.


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Ayep...wouldn't THAT be attractive. But y'know what? It'd be much harder to hit me with all your pock shots if I really DID have swiss cheese holes all through my cranium. They'd go right through me.

You should thank your lucky stars that I DON'T have so many holes in my head.

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