!!! Disney/Music & Money/Rights !!!


A composer i speak to regularly told me that instead of a petition, I should consider investment ideas to raise money for the mechanical payments. A source of funding would REALLY get Disney's attention.....
Instead of signatures --- bring money....

What do you all think of this? Do you think there is something to it? Do you think it would work? How could one do this and get it started and where would one send the money to? Any ideas, anyone?

I would gladly send up to $2,000.00 right now if it would work and get Disney's attention.


If you managed to sponsor the funds for full cost coverage for a cd release disney might talk to you. I doubt it, but shrug maybe you could swing a conversation out of it and say you really want something in particular released and you're willing to front the money and they'd listen, unlikely but who knows. You'd have gone to a lot of work just to get 1 single cd out, and then when it doesn't do as well as you'd hoped, or even if you weren't expecting it to, you're at ground zero all over again for anything else you want released.

Aaaand not to mention the amount of money it would take you might just be finding people uncomfortable with the idea of sending someone those kinds of funds on the internet for something like this with no guarantee it'll work or get used properly etc.

So overall I'd say no. If you manage to pull anything off I salute you and I'll buy whatever it is you got out whether I want it or not. I'm not liking the chances though.


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What kind of numbers are you talkng about here? I myself wouldn't be interested in putting up thousands of dollars for a handful of tracks, although I will purchase any theme park music that Disney releases. And I assume this kind out outlay would be for every composer you are interested in. Correct?


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What about pledging money? I mean, getting signatures, not for a petition, but to pledge money for rights & clearances. This way, nobody would be fronting money without seeing a payoff, and Disney might see that people are willing to put money where their mouths are and take notice. At that point, either Disney could take you up on it, or pursue it themselves. I don't know, just a thought...


(a) You'll be dismissed as kooks.

(b) $2000 is nowhere near what you will need.

© A few folks pledging crazy sums of money proves nothing about what actual sales would be like, which is the real issue.

The only way you're going to get this to happen is to license, finance, and clear it yourself.  You'll have to convince Disney that you know what you're doing (which I'm afraid it's painfully obvious you don't) and have the financing and ability to put out a product that meets their standards, and even then they probably won't go for it.

Figure on something well into the five-figure range, possibly six depending on the clearances you'll need.  Unless you have a huge pile of money you don't care about losing, you'd be crazy to try it.