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Hello All,
I am new at this. I joined just a few months ago. I never knew anything like this existed until I started to looking for disney cd's on the web and ran acrossed this site. The information I have learned from this website has been invaluable to my new collection habit, Disney park music. I had posted a few questions earlier, but I have been busy with a trip to WDW in the end of April and searching ebay for older disney park music cd's ever since I have been home. (not to mention the real work I have to do around my house and to make a living) Anyway, you have all been helpful so far, but a newbie once again needs some help. I am trying to find out if there is a source that lists the park music cd's or tracks from the rides, background music, etc. that you may have found helpful in your collecting. I am hooked on finding more of this music. My first CD that I received as a gift for my birthday, along with a cd player, when I was a teen was Simply Mad About the Mouse. This was when CD's first began to take over the market from cassette tapes. I started collecting soundtracks from the animated movies and other compilations that were widely available to the public. I did not make my first trip to WDW until I was about to graduate from college, but once I did I immediately fell in love with my first step on the property. I have taken about 3 other trips in those 13 years since college graduation, with my latest being this past April. I never knew that CD's were avialable with the park music until a trip in 2001. On my last trip, I bought every CD I could get my hands on. My husband has kindly agreed to indulge my childhood fantasies and we plan to make a trip to WDW every year. Any information that you can give me about disney music and how best to find out information about new music as well as old music would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to meeting some new friends here who have the same obsession I do. Since no one else in my family wants to hear anything from me about disney music for a long time, I will have to rely on you. So please forward me any information that you think will be helpful in my collection addiction. THANKS to my new friends.
Thanks so much for the help. Bill, that is just the kind of information I am looking for. I have purchased almost anything that has park music that I can get my hands on. During my trip to WDW in April I got the following:

Finding Nemo: the Musical
Fantasmic (WDW version)
Festival of the Lion King
Illuminations (Newest version)
Haunted Mansion
Pirates of the Caribbean
Where Magic Lives released in 2006
Magic in the Streets: Parade Memories

From previous trips I have purchased the following:
Animal Kingdom Park Music
Candlelight Processional released in 2000

Online, in local stores, or from EBAY I have purchased the following:
Music in the Parks
O Mickey, Where Art Thou?
Disney Classics: 60 Years 5 CD Box Set
A Musical History of Disneyland (6 CD Box Set)
Official Album released in 1997
Official Album Celebrating 100 Years of Magic released in 2001
Official Album released in 2001
WDW Millennium Celebration released in 1999
WDW Yearlong Millennium Celebration (Energizer promo) released in 2000
Official Album released in 1991 (re-release of 1988 Official Album)
The Music of Disney: A Legacy in Song (Box Set - released in 1992)

I also have purchased 2 CD's of the group Mo Roccin' that performs in Morroco in Epcot. I love them, by the way!!!!!!!

Keep in mind that I have only purchased 2 cd's previously and all of the rest of them have been purchased since the beginning of this year. I spent all of my birthday money on Disney CD's. You can see that I fully believe in supporting the commercial sale of Disney Park music, right along with others on this site. I also have previously purchased some other compilations and animated movie soundtracks along the way. I probably have 4-5 CD's storage boxes full of disney cd's only.
I am a huge fan of Space Mountain (it is my favorite ride), so I love all the music from that. I have found some, but I am not sure if I have exhausted my resources on this or not. I had asked a question about SM music before on this site and did get some help.
I guess that I was wondering if there was a website or other source that has listed CD's released from Walt Disney World mainly, but also Disneyland. I have found a website with the WDW Forever tracks list. I am not sure when it was last updated and how accurate it is.

Also, thanks Disneyfanatic001 for the reference to the previous posting and the list of the CD's so far, THANKS!!! Wow. You people really know your stuff here. I guess the only question I have now is about the Wonderland system. Is this different from the WDW and Disneyland Forever system I have heard about that has been shutdown? Is this something that is still active, if it is different? What is avialable through it, if it is different and active? How do I get anything from it?
Also, since I never got anything from the WDW Forever system before it was shut down, I was wondering what you may know about park music releases on ITUNES. I have found a post about the releases so far, but are there any park music releases so far on it? I know this sytem sparks debate for many of you about its quality, but I still would like to know what may be available through it.
I look forward to discussing Disney music with you all. I am just glad to know that there are others out there who share my obsession and are just as crazy about this as I am. My family is beginning to think I have lost my mind. ;D
THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH for all your help. You guys are great.


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Yeah, this site is pretty helpful for people just starting out. It looks like you've started building a pretty good collection though.

Thanks, Bill, for the shoutout about TDR CD's. Henry Fink is also pretty "in the know" about Tokyo releases. The absolute BEST site for a listing of all CD's realeased so far is the Resortathome.com site, which was posted earlier. It's very useful for checking on what Tokyo has released and is planning on releasing.

As for WDW and Disneyland releases, there isn't one specific site.

It's worth tracking down all of the "Official Albums" from each of the parks, because they have some tracks that are sometimes exclusive to each one.

Disneyland didn't start with it's own OA until 2000 for it's 45th Anniversary. It wasn't the best OA, but there are a couple tracks not found on any other CD

So, here's a basic list...


"Official Album - 45 Years of Magic" 2000
"Disneyland Park the Official Album" 2001 (2 versions of this were made, one with the parade track, and one without).
"Official Album of the Disneyland Resort - Happiest Homecoming on Earch" 2005 (50th Anniversary 2 disc set) There was a single disc version of this released nationwide called "Happiest Celebration on Earth", and all of the selections are on the 2 disc set.
"Official Album of the Disneyland Resort - Resort Memories" 2006 (2 disc set with corrected versions of Splash Mountain and the new Space Mountain...as well as some other new tracks

Also, look for:
"Music from Disney's California Adventure" 2001
"Disney's Electrical Parade" 2001
"Haunted Mansion Holiday" 2003
"Holiday Magic" 2001?

Walt Disney World has released more Official Albums, and they're all worth tracking down for collecting purposes, and maybe one or two tracks. They started with their own in 1998, but that OA is one of the worst created, only because there is very little actual park music on it. They use a lot of songs from films, and then covers of some park music...it's not good, but if you're a completist, you'll track it down anyway.

So, here goes:

"Walt Disney World the Official Album" 1998
"Walt Disney World Resort, the Official Album" 1999
"Walt Disney World Resort, the Official Album" 2000
"Walt Disney World Resort, the Official Album - Celebrating 100 Years of Magic" 2001
"Walt Disney World Resort, the Official Album - Where Magic Lives" 2003
"Walt Disney World Resort, the Official Album - Where Magic Lives" 2004
"Walt Disney World Resort, the Official Album - Happiest Celebration on Earth" 2005 (2 disc set)
"Walt Disney World Resort, the Official Album - Where Magic Lives" 2006 (2 disc set)

Also, check out:

"EPCOT Illuminations Reflections of Earth, and Tapestry of Dreams" 2001
"Holiday Wishes" 2004
"Cinderellabration" 2005

I know I'm probably leaving out some, but this is all off the top of my head.

Oh, and look for the older Official Album of Disneyland and Walt Disney world from 1980. It was released on CD in Japan, and is very hard to find. Still, it's very much worth tracking down. Also, the CD "Disneyland/Walt Disney World Music Vacation" set from Japan. It's 2 CD's (the second one is a mini-CD), and it has some things that were never released here (until somewhat recently, that is).
Thanks Ben.
Everyone here is very helpful. I am so glad I found all of you. You lists helps a lot too. I am still looking for a few of the ones on your list. Some of them are more elusive. I am glad to get the info on the ones that are seperate from Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Thanks again!!!!