Disney Music fans on FACE BOOK?


Hey, yall!

I was just wondering if anyone here is on facebook. For those of you who are unfamiliar with facebook, it's an way to stay connected to friends in colleges (and high schools) around the US.

Just thought it would be fun to connect with some of you there.

Have a great day,


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...because we can't stay connected HERE? Hey, is there something you know about the future of this board that you're not telling us?

I signed up with Classmates.com...they sent me one too many popup and spam and that, combined with the realization that I don't really WANT to keep in contact with people from high school, college, etc. (I've changed a LOT in the past 20 years), helped me to vow I'd never go there, or places similar to it, again, except for occasional research purposes.

Meanwhile, totally off-topic from the thread (but totally on-topic for the board), I am unhappy to announce that while MANY merchandise stores are open during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, the theater-turned-music-and-Pal-Mickey store on Main Street is NOT. So much for my opportunity to buy 3 more CDs from WDW's Wonderland system.

And yep, there IS indeed a Wonderland kiosk in Once Upon A Toy (it's not on the wall with the CDs and touch video screens...it's in the same room, essentially across the hall, nearer the window) but as of last week the screen was still dark.

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I'm on facebook! :)

Sharon - I had that problem with classmates.com, too. Drive me nuts. Luckily, facebook hasn't pulled anything like that yet. They're also pretty restrictive on who can see your profile - it has to be through a direct link (e.g. one that you give to someone, or post somewhere) or someone from your school.


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Thanks xfkirsten but it's really a moot point for me. The only thing I would "like" my former classmates to know about me is that I got married (I was a geeky dweeb who when on dates roughly 5 times throughout high school and college combined). Anyone else who wants to "find" me, it's easy enough...."sharonkurland" is my maiden name and it's plastered pretty much all over the internet (though the artist named Sharon Kurland and the woman in the US Navy named Sharon Kurland are neither me). I've also kept one same email address since 1997...so I'm easy enough to find, but I doubt I would really want to "actively" contact any of them.


I know the feeling. I was the same way in high school! ;D I just put my profile up there, just 'cause.

Although I did have one person from high school find my LJ once and e-mail me excitedly. That was kinda weird... she was really nice, but I hardly knew her. :p


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I'm on facebook too! I'll have to look you guys up!

Also, with facebook, in order to see someone's profile who doesn't go to your college, you need to confirm that you are friends with that person. And even so, there is a setting that allows only your friends to view your profile on facebook. Also, you need a .edu email address from your college to register, so its only for college students...though now I hear they made a facebook for high school students too. ::)