Disney Music Convention

I do not know if one has ever been done before, but if one ever did happen, who would you like to see come and speak/sing? And what kind of activities (sale/trade, exhibits)? I would love to see one in conjunction with the 50th of Disneyland Records next year.

Well I know Randy has spoken to the NFFC convention ( missed that one! :'(. I would like to hear him speak. Also the Sherman brothers. I would like to hear from others who worked on the record productions. I have talked to Ginny Tyler who narrated some LPs. She is a great knowledge source with interesting stories to tell. I don't know who else is still around from that era, seems like we hear an obit more frequently these days :-[.


I am SUPER INTERESTED! I would LOVE to be a part of this. I would be MORE than happy to sing or write a theme song! PLEASE keep me informed and in mind

Have a great day,