Disney Mania 2



Disney Mania 2 is scheduled to be released on January 27th. Here is the track listing (as noted by Tower Records):

1. Whole New World, A (from "Aladdin") - LMNT
2. Once Upon Another Dream (from "Sleeping Beauty") - No Secrets
3. He's A Tramp (from "Lady And The Tramp") - The Beu Sisters
4. It's A Small World - Baha Men
5. Circle Of Life (from "The Lion King") - Disney Channel Circle Of Stars
6. Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, A (from "Cinderella") - Daniel Bedingfield
7. Welcome (from "Brother Bear") - Jump5
8. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah - Stevie Brock
9. When You Wish Upon A Star (from "Pinocchio") - Ashley Gearing
10. Siamese Cat Song, The (from "Lady And The Tramp") - Hilary & Haylie Duff
11. True To Your Heart (from "Mulan") - Raven
12. Main Street Electrical Parade - They Might Be Giants
I had a sneak preview of this album and all I have to say is: The "They Might Be Giants rendition of the Main Street Electrical Parade is worth the price of this CD! Hand's down, that track is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Speaking of MSEP tracks, if any of you have a chance to buy the Japanese CD of remixes and covers of MSEP, please do so! I have this recently released CD and it is my favorite Disney CDs now. It would be nice if it was released domestically.
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Louis :)


(sigh) I was hoping for Aloha E Komo Mai, but it looks like I'm out of luck. And I alreayd have Circle of Stars. But I will definitely have to take a listen at that MSEP track... thanks for the tip!

Does anyone else notice that half those artists also did songs for the Lizzie McGuire Movie soundtrack?

You might have to wait for a long time. I never buy anything for the purpose of re-selling on eBay. I used to collect stuff when I was a teenager. Now that I'm all grown up, I've narrowed down my collecting to certain kinds of items. I mostly collect CDs and DVDs nowadays. My DVDs range from animated Disney movies from the 30's thru the 60's to Russ Meyer movies. ;) On the CD side, my taste ranges from the same time period for Disney soundtracks and Disneyland audio (50s and 60's) to Nine Inch Nails. Also, whenever I receive CDs or items for free, I usually either keep it or pass it on. Good karma. For me, selling on eBay is like trading. I usually spend the money I make on other items. I also have certain Disneyland items that I can't mention on this board. As much as I would love to sell my Academy award promo Disney CD scores (especially when they sell for $200) I resist because I received them as a gift from someone. I wouldn't like to see a friend selling on eBay a gift I gave him/her.
But I guess we are diverting from the subject (thanks Bill). Yes, I tend to hate anything that is Pop sounding. But I was around somewhere where I had a chance to listen to that CD. If you like unusual non-pop music, you will love the new MSEP version on the CD. It sounds like the Residents. I suppose nobody here know who the Residents are... :)

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Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

I just wanted to comment on the line-up of artists ... the one thing I recognized immediately as European based Disney fan: barely any of the artists on this CD are well known in Europe, not even to the average Disney movie goer / Disney Channel viewer (the later is a rare species anyway as this is a premium pay-tv-channel and not even available in all parts of Europe).

LMNT - a bit known
No Secrets - not known
The Beu Sisters - who?
Baha Men - yes, the exist, but not really played in radio or on tv
Disney Channel Circle Of Stars - ok, known to the view people watching Disney Channel in Europe
Daniel Bedingfield - never really made it, basically remembered more or less only for that song from Maid in Manhattan
Jump5 - barely known, except for Disney fans who learned to know them via the special edition of B&B
Stevie Brock - nada
Ashley Gearing - nothing
Hilary & Haylie Duff - Hilary known to a small fraction of TV-viewers, her CD has just been released, but no reaction to it at all by the general public
Raven - again Disney Channel viewers only
They Might Be Giants - who?

DisneyMania 1 had real "stars" also known in Europe so the CD, when they finally released it here, was of some interest to the general pop-music fan. But the new one? I don't see it selling to normal pop-music-fans in Europe, and the number of die-hard-Disney fans is way, way smaller than in the US. To bad for Disney, they could have made money if they would have chosen some singers known also outside the US.



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these guys are pretty well-known to disney channel viewers over here ... they seem to be relying heavily on a stable of stars for programs and music ... baha men, LMNT, stevie brock, no secrets, hilary & haylie, raven, jump5 are all disney channel stalwarts, either in shows or providing music for them. over on THIS side of the pond, disney seems to have cornered the tween music market ... and tween television market too.

the first disney mania was loaded with disney channel providers too (smash mouth, ashanti, no secrets, baha men, hilary duff), maybe they was just a bit more overlap with european tastes.


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From a UK perspective, I'd say that Daniel Beddingfield is very well known.

They Might Be Giants had a hit in the late 80's, but from a radio persepective haven't really been popular since, though they do continue to tour the UK. Then again, that's primarily true in the US as well (though they did do the Malcolm in the Middle theme song). I think Disney have them on here because they wrote a few songs for the Peter Pan sequel.

Maybe there will be a UK issue where we'll get Gareth Gates!


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

with Disney relying on their stable of artists more and more I think they are cutting off new customers, once again only helping their short term income but not long term growth.

In the past cover albums as the Disney Mania concept used to attract two different audiences:

1. the fans of the orginal product (=Disney), so those which are already loyal customers
2. fans of the artists featured

In an ideal case numerous non-Disney-customers would buy such CDs due to their being-a-fan of one of the featured artists - such not only increasing the sales of the CD over the number usually achived in the normal core customer group but also with a bit of luck generating interest in the music of Disney in general, generating e.g. sells of the original soundtracks/songs.

Now with the featured artists being the usual Disney artists big already with the core customer group, the customer groups of 1 and 2 are nearly identical. Meaning: fewer extra sales outside the Disney-core-customer-group and fewer non-Disney-fans getting attracted to Disney-music through the product.

With that I'm not even speaking of the problems such a release is generating outside the US, where fewer of the featured artists are actually known.

In Europe Disney is not yet dominating the musical taste of the teens and twens and most propably won't anytime soon.
That is for several reasons. Certainly Disney is not that much part of the heritage with which each child is brought up as it is in the US (even so the UK are not far behind on that), but especially: the Disney Channel (once again being best established in the UK), is still having a very limited audience as it is a premium pay-tv-channel not included in the standard cable-contracts. E.g. in Germany the Disney Channel is ONLY available through digital cable and only if you sign up for the "Movie-package" of one certain company. Certainly Disney-tv-series are shown on other free channels instead, but all too often the "Disney"-label is not very obvious there.
Besides the TV-situation there is also the fact that Radio Disney was never set up in Europe which certainly helps reach the teen crowds in the US, too.



Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

I just wanted to add my comment on the CD after I finally were able to get my copy...

Overall OK but nothing really outstanding. The Barock Hoedown is the best track on the CD and is really outstanding - I'd call it a must for every MSEP-fan!

THe song from Home on the Range is disappointing, but that might be true to the fact that it is done in a rather modern pop-style here and Menken does not lend himself that well to such treatments.

Daniel Bedingfield also stood out positive.

No real negatively outstanding tracks so.

After all I would say: can be recommended ;)

Oh finally one last word about the prior discussions about how well known some of the artists are in Europe: the major CD-store of the town I work & study in (Frankfurt in Germany, which you may know due to its major airport) was cleaning out some CDs sitting on the shelf for too long. Instead of the usual 16,- to 20,- Euro the CDs were sold for 0.99 Euro. Among these CDs I was able to find ... the first (and only?) album from LMNT. While never released in Germany this was an US-import the shop had done himself. This just to illustrate a bit how well known LMNT is in Germany.

The DisneyMania2 CD I was able to get (at full price so) was a US-import too. Don't know wether we will get an official release in Germany.


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As both a Disney music and They Might Be Giants fan, I?d recommend their 1990 Flood or their compilation Dial A Song as a good starting point if anyone would like to check ?em out. They write quirky pop songs that are lots of fun.