Disney LP scream is from the 1946 film "Great Expectations"

I almost jumped out of seat the other night while watching David Lean's 1946 film "Great Expectations", when (and I'm going to try my best not to reveal too much for those who are unfamiliar with the story) Miss Havisham screams. I immediately recognized it as one of the screams from the "Screams and Groans" track (side 2, band 1) on Disney's 1964 LP "Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House" (I was one of those kids who played it all the time -- especially around Halloween).

Here's a portion of the track from the Disney LP:


And here's the segment from the film (listen for Miss Havisham's last scream right before the music starts):


As you can tell, Disney took the scream, cut off the music, added an echo and then repeated the last portion of the scream. Amazing! Who would have ever thunk it!? Makes you wonder if this kind of sampling was/is common practice -- i.e. the "Wilhelm Scream" ( http://www.hollywoodlostandfound.net/wilhelm/ ...and... http://www.onthemedia.org/transcripts/tran...01_wilhelm.html ).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this particular cut (Miss Havisham's scream) never made it into any of the Mansions at the parks.

BTW... "Great Expectations" is a great film and I highly recommend it. The part of Pip is played by John Mills. It also stars Jean Simmons and Alec Guinness. Portions of the film are very Haunted Mansion-esque. The 1946 version was released on DVD by Criterion and is available for rent via NetFlix.


I have the Disneyland LP of "Chilling, Thrilling, Sounds of the Haunted House" in my collection. You're absoultely right. It was a woman screaming was none other than Martita Hunt, she played Miss Havisham in the movie "Great Expectations". I've never seen that movie, but I've heard the same scream used on that album. Disney should give credit for that sound clip of a woman scream used in "Great Expectations". The sound effect for Miss Havisham screams was not heard in the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland and Disney World. You're right! If I would like to see the original "Great Expectations", I'll try it one day when it comes on TCM.
Yeah, isn't the story about the Wilhelm scream cool?

I was just now looking around at the Hollywood Lost and Found website and came across a great article on the "Castle Thunder" -- the thunder that's used over and over in films, TV and other media, including Disney's Haunted Mansions (and I'm guessing Pirates as well). According to the article, the thunder can be traced all the way back to "Frankenstein" in 1931. Here's the link:


There's also a similar article on the Universal Telephone Ring: