Disney LP Cover Art

Fortunately, Greg Ehrbar and I have gotten a lot of help with our upcoming history of Walt Disney Records. One of our most enthusiastic helpers is a young fellow named Jim Hollifield. Jim recently returned from a trip to Disneyland with the following comments, and since I haven't seen anyone bring this up before, I thought I should throw this information out here. Here's Jim:

"Most exciting was the discovery that they are using a few of the old Disneyland/Vista LP covers as clothing art for girls and women! I couldn't believe my eyes! They are using the 1959 DQ cover art from the Cinderella Songs album on women's t-shirts, sweatshirts and for little girls as well. They're also using the WDL Sleeping Beauty art for the same combinations and on a handbag.

"Then they're using the cover art to the Mary Martin/Sleeping Beauty Storyteller album as well, and it even included the little banner saying 'Storybook and Record' - a faithful repro of the album cover artwork! ('I like that these reprint some of the old record covers,' I said to one cast member, who just blankly looked at me like I was nuts!)

"Lest we get our hopes up that someone has actually rediscovered old album cover art, it evidently is part of a bigger nostalgia push leading up to the 50th anniversary next year, because they also used the poster art for the Alice teacups ride from the 1950s, as well as the cover to the 1966 'Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree' Little Golden Book - and those garments include the exact cover with 'A Little Golden Book' on there as well.

"All this art ONLY appears on clothing for women and girls; surely they can find some suitable for a guy's t-shirt! But at least some of the record covers got on someone's radar!"

So, thanks to Jim for that info, and keep your peepers peeled for vintage LP covers when shopping for clothing at the Disney parks!
I saw those myself too,Tim. Tjhey're everywhere in the Disney parks.

I was surprised to see it, and largely IIRC! the WALT era stuff.Cinderella being a favrorite then again as a teen I had a MEGACRUSH on Cindy.