Disney Karaoke CD's


Does anyone know if Disney's other Karaoke cd's have the same quality orchestrations as the movies or are they just synthesized reproductions? I would love to get high quality Disney music without the original lyrics being sung.


Hi, Monorail1!

I have the theme park karaoke CD and the Disney Mania CD. Some of the recordings are synthesized reproductions and some (from the theme park cd) are the originals with the vocal line turned down. The Disney Mania CD has GREAT orchestrations (and I am EXTREMELY picky). The theme park CD is also great. I recall someone complaining about the ?Remember When? track on a previous post, but I think it sounds AWESOME! (The only thing missing is the string run to the key change but that?s being REALLY picky.)

Actually, I do have one of the regular Disney karaoke CD?s. They are not the original tracks from the movies, but most are darn good reproductions. As someone who orchestrates tracks, I believe that all the Disney karaoke CDs are top-notch and I highly recommend them. Any Disney fan who loves to sing along (which is everyone) will love this collection. I have had so much fun with them and I know everyone else will, too.

Hope this has been helpful!

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Dr. Know

The Pocahontas "Sing Along" cd, technically not a karaoke cd, has the original orchestrations from the film score minus the vocals. I just picked up the theme park Karaoke cd and I agree with Rick -- it is excellent!