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Hello all!

New here, have loved Disney music for years. I posted this question at LaughingPlace.com and it was suggested that I ask it of Y'all.

I have found some recordings that are inspired by Disney and Disney Characters. I wanted to see if there were others that I have not heard of Here's my short list. these are from the late 50's and Early 60's and are DooWop vocal groups

"Mickey Mouse Club March"-Pussycats
"Mickey Mouse"-Jolly Jax
"Donald Duck"-Kac-Ties

Of course this does not count the many versions of Disney songs that have been covered and have become standards. this list does not include songs about nursury rhymes and fairy tales that inspired Disney to make cartooons, and movies of them.

For your benefit will post the the other songs narkspud mentioned in his reply (he sent me)

"Mickey Mouse" - Denny Provisor
(mid-60s soul record loosely based on Mickey Mouse March, in which MM is a race car driver)

"Mickey Mouse" - Pat Boone
(horrendous cover of the above)

"The Skunk Song" - Alvino Rey and his Orchestra
(30s - about a skunk who wants to be a Disney character)

"Snow White" - The Devotions
(around 1961 - wacky doo-wop from the guys who did "Rip Van Winkle", obviously based on the Disney movie)

"What? No Mickey Mouse?"
(30s hit, don't recall artist)

thanks for your help everyone1

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From the Bop Shoo,
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just a little additional information regarding the song "Disneyland" from the stage musical "Smile". It tells the story of a girl who sees a beauty pageant on TV broadcasted from Disneyland (was there ever such an event at Disneyland??). As it is her dream to take part in one too and become famous / successfull through it Disneyland now kind of embodies all this for her as her central motivating metapher / picture.

The songs / score are by Alan Menken. Unfortunately it was never recorded completely, but the above mentioned song has been recorded as already said by Jody Benson (a.k.a. Ariel) for the "Lost in Boston" CD series.


P.S.: don't have my copy here right now so I wrote this just based on my memory and hope I did not mess anything up.


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Dizz Knee Land by Dada, in the 90s

(i'm goin' dizz knee land!!)


Disney Girls by the Beach Boys (covered, regrettably, by the Captain and Tennille)