Disney Insider Box Set Article

It's really nice of them to do a story on Randy and the box set. The piece is nicely written, but I hope someone from the company monitors this board because I'd like to point out that the link that sends people to disneydirect where, one would hope, they might actually BUY this great item that they've just read about...points to the page with the SOLD OUT set. Not that they anticipated that it would be sold out when it should just be becoming available. Also, the six minute clip that Randy made for a manager demonstation is gone...replaced by the words "Coming Soon" so the link from the Disney Insider article to the sound clips is pretty much useless too. Hopefully this gets fixed before the email gets too old. ::sigh:: I'd really like the set to sell like gangbusters so Randy can have management breathing down his throat to create other great park specific CDs. I hate to see good promo tools like this article going to waste because of a few minor glitches.
Well, I'm going to respond to my own post here...either someone is reading, or the groundwork had all been laid for this change before I posted because the link to DisneyDirect now points to the special edition with the black vinyl and the new sound clip is up. Now that's a quick turnaround!