Disney Gallery Exhibit: Tomorrowland 1955-1989 BGM


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Hello Everyone:

I am looking for some help in clarifying the contents of this loop. I am using the list Jason supplied awhile back to construct the loop from. Some of these questions may have been covered before, but hopefully covering them together in this topic will be of some help to people.

1. The Monorial Song

Is this the 1955 version used in the Disneyland TV show and that was available on DLF? Or is this the later 1962 version of the song?

2. House of the Future - Narration

Does anyone know which version was used in this loop, as I know a recent topic discussed that there were numerous versions?

3. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Exhibit - Narration

Any information on this one?

4. Submarine Voyage - Narration

Any information on which version was used? Maybe the later version found on DLF?

5. Tomorrowland Art Corner - Announcement

Is this the same track that was available on DLF?

6. Carousel of Progress - Kaleidophonic Opening

7. Space Mountain Comchat

Did the loop use the edited version available on DLF? I know there is also a longer version of the same track available in the TDL Treasures of Fantasy set.

8. America The Beautiful - Opening

Was this just an instrumental? Anyone have a track length?

9. Adventure Thru Inner Space - Loading Area

Was this the "Atomobile Loading Narration" that Paul Frees did, or was this an instrumental version?

10. Miracles from Molecules

Was this the vocal version available on DLF?

11. Peoplemover - Boarding Announcement

Any information on this one?

12. Peoplemover Music

Any information on this one? Was this the Go-Go-Goodyear music, or the later 80s version?

13. Adventure Thru Inner Space - Narration

Any information on this track?

14. Miracles from Molecules

Was this a repeat of track #10 or a different version?

15. Space Mountain Comchat

Was this a repeat of track #7?

16. Miracles from Molecules - Lounge Version

17. Carousel of Progress - Load Music

18. Peoplemover - Jack Wagner Narration

19. Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Was this the vocal version that was released on LP in the 60s?

Once again, any help is greatly appreciated. I guess this is not an urgent matter, and I don't think I'll manage to get the whole thing - but the fun is in trying, right?



Hey Wedroy~

I wish I could answer all your questions, but I only know info on 2 of them. In regards to the Monorail song...I dont know what version they used in the Gallery but the version available on DLF was recorded for the TL2055 loop/Space Mountain concourse.

In regards to the Submarine voyage narration (and this I know for a fact because I heard it myself and was wondering where the heck I could get it) It was actually the first version of the narration...Id never heard it before but the "captain" basically touches on the same basic points..but it was definatly an earlier narration of the attraction.

Hope this helps