Disney Forever Music Kiosks

Does anyone know if any of Walt Disney World or the Disneyland Resort theme parks have any Disney Forever Music Kiosks left anywhere?

matt d.

Hi jmcalister,

Neither WDW nor DL have the Disney Music Forever Kiosks anymore. By that, I mean that WDW no longer has audio CD burning stations and DL has moved from the Disneyland Forever format (the ability to burn up to 10 tracks from a list of DL theme park music and sound tracks) to a burn-an-entire-album format (mostly re-releases of previously available LP albums - some very cool 8) - and CDs).

With a little searching on this site, you should be able to find lists of the currently available CDs on the DL system.



www.mouseshoppe.com for the answer!

(I've got to ask that site some discount for promoting it, don't you think??? ;)