Disney Forever Kiosks

Mary Poppins

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Are the Disney Forever music CD kiosks still open at Downtown Disney in Orlando? If so, what can one currently buy on them? Any current track listings? How much does it cost? thanks!!
There was never a "official" reason for the closure of DLF. Do a search for "Disneyland Forever" on this board and you'll find a lot of speculation.
That was the last projects I heard of before I left Park Planning. The reason they were removed was the techonology just was not there for it to work properly and the CM's were unable to fix the smallest problems causing the system to not work. It had good reception when it worked however there were a lot of problems with it. Another reason which if you used it a lot you noticed that there was a lot of "Coming Soon" messages... It is hard and costly to get the rights to reproduce a lot of the GREAT music we hear in the parks. Location and Park planning at the time knew that there was a big area of opportunity for Disney Music Cd's the kiosks just was not ready, so that is why they came out with the "SPectro" and Festivle of the Lion King" cds. those were the most burned songs from the system. I hope that answers your questions. The system was reworked and I believe it is currently in opperation at Disneyland California. Someone from that area can confirm.