"Disney Enhanced Home Surround"? why?!


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Ok, so I wasn't sure if this topic had been discussed, but I noticed that a few of the more recent DVD releases of disney films feature a "Disney Enhanced Home Surround" audio track...

Gotta say... don't like it.

The whole point of 5.1 is to have the channeles separated... but in the enhanced home surround, the dialogue bleeds out from the center channel to the front channels... and that's kinda annoying.

I remember when I watched it on tv for the first time in years, I felt like I was... listening to a wall of sound instead of a properly balanced audio track...

I'm an audiophile, I'll be the first to admit that... but I gotta say... even my friends felt it was a little hard to listen to.

On the older DVD release of Mermaid, the video is worse, but the audio is better... but in this, the video and all the feautures make it really nice... but the audio kills it.

Who's idea was it to go back and remix the dvd audio anyways? Instead of restoring the original audio...

And will Disney use this in ALL it's releases now??

And on top of that, the music for the menu's is in mono... that's kinda weird too... was wondering if there was a good reason for that....

Wasn't sure if any one could answer this, but I thought I'd ask...


I actually did notice that I didn't really like the audio mix in the beginning of the 2disc Mermaid release.. Later on I started liking it better but I didn't feel they were bringing out the experience to the best of their abilities.

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I'm NOT an audiophile, but I do know that I have hated the 5.1 mix that Disney put on Little Mermaid and Mary Poppins- is this the audio mix you're talking about? Then again, my Home Entertainment system is just my TV, no other audio components. So I just gotta remember to hit the audio button before I watch and switch it back to the normal audio mix.
GoodMusician - you've found the right place to complain. I'd recommend searching this board for that very topic (especially the horrible Mary Poppins 5.1 mix - ugh!) and you'll see lots of comments.