Disney Does Maine--Jodi Benson in Portland!!!

.....I'm still all verklempt......talk amongst yourselves for a minute......

Ariel ventured into the Maine woods! We just got back from seeing the Portland Symphony perform "Gershwin's Greatest," accompanied on vocals by none other than Jodi Benson, along with a fellow tenor(I just found out about Jodi being part of the show 2 days ago, as she wasn't listed in the symphony's original flyer). A wonderful show--Jodi performed classics like "Someone To Watch Over Me," "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off," "I Got Rhythm," just to name a few, both solo and in duet. She didn't hide who she was; before she performed "Treat Me Rough," she issued a disclaimer that Ariel wouldn't be able to sing this song--and neither would Jodi, the mother of two young children! But the song was a highlight, as was her whole performance. She even did an autograph signing after the show--fortunately I brought along a mint copy of the Little Mermaid soundtrack just in case.

Hey, the way I look at it, we're all still so excited, this might save us a trip to WDW.......



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VERY cool, Michael! Jodi performed at the Disneyana convention 1995...of course, all she sang was "Part of Your World" and other "Ariel" fare, which made all of us all the happier. Glad you had a good time!

It WAS very cool, Sharon--and here's a cool link to a CD which looks to be a nice companion to the show--the original Broadway cast recording of "Crazy for You": http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...pd_csp_1/002-...
Jodi referred to it several times; it's a re-working of the Gershwin's "Girl Crazy"(the original 1934 cast featured Ginger Rogers and Ethel Merman!), and includes many of the songs she sang in yesterday's performance.

And speaking of Jodi Benson, anyone have any other CD recommendations featuring Jodi besides the Little Mermaid soundtrack? I see an interesting Paige O'Hara CD I didn't know about, Dream With Me, on which she sings a duet with Jodi on "When You Wish Upon A Star." I also found Splash Hits and Songs From the Sea, but don't know much about them.

Any Jodi recommendations?


P. S. Sharon--my wife says that the show will not be a substitute for a WDW trip.....


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I have Splash Hits and Songs From The Sea. Both pretty good, although the lyrics prove that both CDs are geared for young kids ("Shhh! Please, don't wake the whale!")

I think I'm gonna like your wife . Smart lady, she is!

I dunno, Bill--maybe it's because the CD's a 1992 recording, 'cause I gotta tell ya, when Jodi was crooning "Someone To Watch Over Me" less than 50 feet away from me two days ago--I could find no fault.

Uh-oh.....there I go again.....I'm all verklempt again.....have to disqualify myself from this discussion......feel free to talk amongst yourselves though......



Jodi Benson is an incredible artist and able to bridge the gap between her on stage and the audience in the auditorium wonderfully.

When I saw her the last time several years ago in the touring production of My One and Only (the "new Gershwin Musical) in Germany it was just incredible. Live her voice comes across way more warm and natural than on the Ariell recordings - something I do prefer.

It is kind of sad that her career in the recent years did not spring that many recordings...



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Since someone asked for other Jodi CD recommendations. Two of my faves are:

Unsung Musicals - Jodi sings "Disneyland" from the Howard Ashman/Marvin Hamlisch musical Smile.

A Hollywood Christmas - Jodi sings "Winter was Warm" which comes from the Mr. Magoo Xmas special
Thanks for the recommendations--but where can I find the "Disneyland" song? A quick search on amazon for the "Smile" soundtrack didn't turn up anything.....

Just looked--there it is on amazon--for $17.98.....but it's also available through the z-shops. Also of interest on the CD is a track sung by Judy Kuhn(Pocahontas), and another track featuring Jonathan Freeman(Jafar) in duet with another singer--those were the only other familiar Disney-associated names I saw at first glance. Liz Calloway sings the last track, and, I believe, she was the singing voice of Anastasia, in the movie of the same name.