Disney "Dear Heart: A Collection of Romantic Songs" CD

Hi there, my friend showed me a CD today which is "Dear Heart: A Collection of Romantic Songs." It's released by Walt Disney Records... I have never seem this CD before, does anyone know where I can find the CD??
Thanks for your help!!
hey DLK :)

I spent about 45 minutes searching for this and came up with nothing. I searched amazon's entire listing of Buena Vista Records / Walt disney Records as well as other various CD listings on the web. Now, WDR is primarily known for its soundtracks / Sing alongs/ official albums/ and various mix CDs catering to the younger crowd (radio disney 1-4, bear in the big blue house etc etc).

How old was the CD ? Is it Disney Music? Could it have possibly been under another record labe/name?
This was an album we released as part of a Valentines Day promotion for some client in 2000. It is a compilation of material that is mostly available in other releases.

1. Dear Heart (3:47) - Original song for this album
2. A Dream is a Wish Your heart Makes (3:37) - Cinderella Soundtrack
3. Once Upon A Dream (2:48) - Sleeping Beauty Soundtrack
4. Beauty and the Beast (2:48) - Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack
5. Bella Note (2:42) - Lady and the Tramp Soundtrack
6. I Think I?d Be Perfect for You (2:18) - The Best of the Toy Story Sing Alongs
7. I Wonder (1:21) - Sleeping Beauty Soundtrack
8. So This Is Love (3:06) - Cinderella Soundtrack
9. Love (1:48) - By Request (Out of Print), Classic Disney Volume 4 (Out of Print) [from Robin Hood]

The album is discontinued, but chances are you probably have all the songs but for a couple. Hope that helps!