Disney Classic Sountrack Series now in Spanish! Read...


Hello friends,
I just returned from a ttip from Mexico. While at the malls, I looked for Disney DVDs and CDs. I was surprised to see a few of the Classic Soundtrack Series in spanish. These are the longer, complete score versions of the CDs equal to the US counterparts. These included Snow White, Pinocchio, (Fantasia which doesn't count as there is no vocals), Dumbo, Peter Pan, and Sleeping Beauty, Jungle Book to name a few. These are the song and score versions of the soundtracks but with the vocals in spanish. Unfortunately I didn't pick any of them up as I don't collect foreign language soundtracks. I WOULD have picked up Alice in Wonderland if it had been available. :( I asume it would have been harder to re-edit the Alice soundtrack in spanish with so many songs and music going in and out all the time. (Or maybe it was sold out?). Anyways, previously I had only seen spanish versions of more recent films starting with Oliver & Co. There was also some compilations in spanish but they contained way too much modern Disney for my taste. Give me 30s-60s Disney any time! Who had the task of editing these spanish versions? Randy? I wonder if other foreign language CDs were released. Is Alice in Wonderland available in other languages complete? An even better question: Are these spanish CDs the original vintage spanish recordings? I watched some bits of French Disney DVDs and the French sounded like it was recently recorded even for vintage films.
On the DVD front, I purchased So Dear to my Heart and Pinocchio Special Editions. Both in 5.1 English and beautifully restored image. I saw some other DVDs such as Country Bears in Widescreen and Ducktales the Movie. The Small One was part of a Xmas DVD.
Your friend,