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I know this is a long shot, but I thought I would ask anyway! :) Does anyone on this wonderful board have a list of Disney released CD's ? I know it would be huge, but as a collector, I find it very hard to know what is out there or has been out there to purchase. I emailed disneyrecords.com and they wrote back to say they don't keep a list of all of their releases. I find that kind of hard to believe. All I am looking for are US releases. The list on this site is great, but stops in the late 1990's and I would love to know what else has been released since then.

Any assistance will be appreciated!




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I agree...I wish there was such a list, so I'd know what I'm missing. I kept a pretty decent list myself, until my computer lost the files in the program and I still haven't set it up again.

I think that if you look for JUST the Disney-label domestic releases, the task would be difficult but not super-horrible. It's when you include the imports, cover versions, Disney-related, etc., that the last can go on forever and ever.

To devise your own list, I'd suggest checking on eBay. Just about EVERYTHING goes up there, eventually. And keep track (and maybe even buy some stuff! ) from that.

Good luck!