Disney Bossa Nova

Normally I would avoid any new recordings to come from Walt Disney Records (I adore those Disneyland/Buena Vista reissues, though - thanks, Randy!), but when I saw this new CD - - Disney Bossa Nova - - the atypically artful and attractive retro-modernist color and design on the package - with no funky Mickeys on it - - made me curious.

So did the concept: "Brazil's legends of bossa nova perform Disney classics" - - No Raven? No Lindsay Lohan? - - - Then the track line-up: In a World of My Own? One Song? True classics? - - Not songs from Mowgli 2 and Radio Disney? What's up here? Were the MBAs on vacation?

I took the chance - - the liner notes were really pretty too... AHA!!! It was produced by Walt Disney Records JAPAN - and is being reissued domestically!

And it sounds good! It's good for your Disney Lounge collection too... (oh, I'm the only one who has one? ok)


Cruella DeVil (Cruella Cruel) 2:55 Marcos Valle
Beauty and the Beast 3:41 Miucha
When You Wish Upon a Star 3:20 Joyce
Under the Sea 4:17 Bena Lobo
In a World of My Own 3:23 Ana Martins
You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! (A Voar, A Voar, A Voar) 2:10 Joyce
A Whole New World (Um Mundo Ideal) 4:10 Ivan Lins
Part of Your World (Parte de Seu Mundo) 5:02 Claudette Soares
Circle of Life (Ciclo Sem Fim) 5:22 Edu Lobo
One Song (Uma Cancao) 3:59 Carlos Lyra
Heigh-Ho (Hi-Ho) 1:27 Joyce
Once Upon a Dream (Es Tu Principe Azul) 3:50 Wanda Sa & Joao Donato
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo 3:10 Joyce
It's Not Easy (Nao e Facil) 3:55 Marcos Valle & Patricia Alvi


Based on your comments, I picked this up at Virgin last night at DTD.

Wow! :D

I love it! I don't even need to be able to understand the lyrics (Spanish? Portrugese?) to be able to enjoy it. The bouncy sassy Latin rhythyms have me in heaven.

A must-have for any collector.

Thanks for the heads-up on this great item.

By the way, I also picked up (since it was 7.99 and caught my eye) a copy of "Disney Presenta Cantar y Jugar". I'll let you know how it is. :)