Disney Anniversary Theme Songs


Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the following songs? Thanks so much!

10th anniversary song (Ten Years of fantasy, 10 years of fun)
25th anniversary song (one great big family)
30th anniversary song (happy birthday disneyland)
35th anniversary song (hot hot hot!)
40th anniversary song (40 years of adventure)
45th anniversary song (Magic in the Stars @ Disneyland)
50th Anniversary theme song
50th anniversary fireworks show
50th anniversary parade

Hope everybody had a happy Easter and God Bless! -Rick


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That's a really good question. I've been looking for a few of those myself.

I'd love to get the 10th, 30th, & 40th theme songs. I wasn't even aware there was one for the 30th & 40th.

The other theme songs are floating around there somewhere, but I don't know if they are in isolated form. What I mean, is that they are usually part of one of the parades or shows. I've heard the 25th, 35th, & 45th that way.


how in the world would one go about finding these songs? please let me know if you have any information to share.