Disgusted at Disney World


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I've traveled across the country every year since 1999 to visit "the parks", this year I found myself kinda flustered because I am looking at the same items for sale in the parks for ten years! The marketing dept for Disney is the worst. I mean Hanna Montana everywhere, the local Wal-Mart had a better selection, but what does she have to do with WDW anyway. The 3 P's, Pirates, Pixies, and Princess.
It seemed like back in the day if you had something from Disney you really HAD something!
Let's complain! ;D Anyone else feel this way?

Oh! I did get the Event Party CD! It's great! ;)
Complaining on message boards will not do you any good.

If you feel that something is wrong, the best thing to do is to write to Guest Communications and don't upset the rest of us here with constant grousing--too many crazed Disney fans do that these days and it's only gotten more and more annoying in recent times.

Now, let's get back to focusing on Disney music.


Well, if hauntedmansn is known for complaining then why those '"in the know" don't skip over his
posts? ....

I think we still can disagree and remain courteous...

Besides, and I quote hauntedmansn:

"Oh! I did get the Event Party CD! It's great! Wink"

is a POSITIVE comment to me!


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Thaks for the great response! That is it exactly, there is a market for the vintage collector. I wanted to get folks attention. Sorry If I was ranting.

I really don't want to create negative feelings. This blog is great, you guys are great and thank's for responding. I've learned so much!::)
Yes, back to the music!


The Disney COMPANY sells what it sells because it makes money. The company has seen that it does not make its money off people like us who would shell out 20.00 bucks for a cd which would sell in the thousands, when they can sell Hanna Montana remixs in the trillions!!!! While we might hate HM or HMS, that is what is keeping the company going. You can rant all you like about Disney not being the Disney you love or remember, but if Disney stayed the Disney you loved it would not longer be around. A company has to change with the needs of the guests and right now most of the guests love HSM/Hanna Montana/and that such. If you don't like it then don't buy it, trust me your 20.00 for a cd or 200.00 for admission that you decide not to give to Disney will not even be a drop in the bucket in the overall money it makes.



It is amazing how big Disney makes these "fads". Princesses, Hanna Montana, Pooh, Raven, Lizzie McGuire, all of these have come, become big, and then fallen back or plain disappeared. There ought to be an iTunes release of "Disne's Greatest Fads".....


Princesses and Pooh are not fads :p

Any a fad that lasts something like 4 years is a bit more than a fad too
I know this conversation has come up before but let's face it: Disney is a corporation geared towards making a profit and if Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, etc., are what sells to a very large and lucrative demographic than that's what they're going to release. Not too many dollars, in comparison, are spent on what matters to most on this board purely based on the number of possible purchases.

Let's look at it another way. I think it's safe to say the dollars spent on albums cut by the Cyrus kid go a long way to fund the paychecks for folks like Randy who understand and appreciate our passion. Lastly (and this might just be me) isn't it kind of fun to hunt around for this stuff?