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If anyone is interested, here is the track list of the BGM from Discovery Island Trails at the Animal Kingdom. My track list is different, for some reason, from what is posted on the Disney Music Loops site.

1. Tree of Life One
2. Break of Day
3. Sunlight & Shadows
4. Spring
5. Celebration
6. Spring Two
7. Tree of Life Two
8. Sun Beats Down
9. Summer
10. Harvest
11. Summer Two
12. Sunset
13. Tree of Life Theme
14. Clouds Gather
15. Rain
16. Patch of Blue
17. Torrent
18. Rain (Alternate)
19. Pools


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On the "Music from Disney's Animal Kingdom Park" CD, credit is given to someone with the last name "Eastman" (Russell Brower composed the tracks that play in the Oasis). There are some tracks that are not on the CD, which came from the old Walt Disney World Forever system, so I am not sure if all of the tracks were composed by the same individual.

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credit is given to someone with the last name "Eastman"

Tish (Patricia Lynn) Eastman. Masters in Music Composition, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1976.

She partnered with Russell Brower on Animal Kingdom. She worked as lead media designer for Tokyo Disney Sea.

Like Russell, she has also composed music and performed sound editing for video games.