Discovery Bay Teaser Music


Over at the Disneyland Nomenclature blog, they are sharing some music from "Island at the Top of the World" that was used as part of an in-park preview of "Discovery Bay"

Following one of Tony's presentations to Cast Members about this possible ["Discovery Bay" and "Dumbo's Circus"] expansion, a novel preview came to the Fan I Food Stand Area... For only a few months, lingering Guests could hear an eighteen-minute-long teaser medley of music from Maurice Jarre's score to the 1974 film "Island at the Top of the World" (with which Discovery Bay had strong ties and which premiered 35 years ago this month).

...Music at Disneyland used to originate from endless loop cartridge tapes, which degraded over time from physical wear. When carts were replaced, they were discarded -- or, apparently, if you were interested and asked for them, you could easily acquire the worn carts from the Sound Department. The audio is sourced from such a used cart and is a definite rarity.
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