Deluxe Lilo and Stitch DVD

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Has anyone heard about a possible later release of a deluxe version of the film? Just curious.


this is from the subscriber part of ign but got it from htf

"No Special Edition for Lilo & Stitch DVD

The extra special collector's edition of Lilo & Stitch will not be released on January 28, according to Jim Hill. "Michael Eisner himself earlier this year pulled the plug on the 2-disc deluxe collector's edition of Lilo & Stitch. And worse than that, the Walt Disney Company is supposedly toying with completely abandoning the 2-disc collector's edition format for all of its future animated titles. These proposed cutbacks of any additional features to be included in future animated releases from Buena Vista Home Entertainment are coming because the Mouse is trying once again to economize. According to Disney's own market research, only 8% of the DVD buyers out there are interested in adult-aimed features (i.e. extras such as directors' commentaries, character design galleries, deleted scenes, etc. ) on their discs. The other 92% of DVD buyers are kids and parents who just want the movie. Who are perfectly happy with a DVD that just shows the film and nothing more. Disney's cost savings--should Buena Vista Home Entertainment actually opt to go forward with adopting just the single disc format for all the future DVD releases of the company's animated classics--could be considerable. Reportedly saving the company as much as $7 million in worldwide production costs per title." Which means we'd be missing Lilo & Stitchi extras like a 20-minute tour of the Florida animation studio, 7 long deleted scenes from the film, full galleries, a directors' commentary and a 45-minute long "On Location with the Directors" featurette."

don't know if this is rumors or fact, I guess we will have to wait and see.

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I hope they realize that as many of us already have the Classic films on video, we don't bother buying the DVD's unless the extras give us the incentive. Oh sure I know the video will not last forever, but I also know that Disney will release that title again someday and when they do they'll have to top that previous release. For me right now, the higher sound and video quality isn't enough incentive to buy a DVD of a film I already own. It's a bigger incentive to show the bottom liners that you have to give the public something to get something in return.


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:( ??? Well that really blows!!

Does anyone know if the version that is out now is at
least in widescreen. I all most picked it up, then read]
the back, then put it back on the shelf, because it didnt
say anything on it about widescreen.



yes the DVD that is available now is in widescreen. The box says "family-friendly" 1.66, but I have heard that it is closer to 1.78 - 1.85.

Saw this today on the animated movies website:

Disney Changes Its Mind About Stitch Special Edition DVD!
Jim Hill Media, which reported on Friday that Buena Vista Home Entertainment would not be producing a 2-disc special collector's edition of the Lilo & Stitch DVD, now reveals that "several hundred e-mails (and a couple of dozen phone calls) later, BVHE appears to have had a change of heart. Disney insiders are now telling me that-- if we're all really patient--there WILL (e-v-en-t-u-a-l-l-y) be a 2-disc special collector's edition available for purchase"--though nobody seems to know when yet.

again, we will have to wait and see...
Hey Will--confusing labelling on the DVD: "1.66:1--Enhanced For 16X9 Televisions". We've watched it--it certainly is not a pan and scan version--but as my 12 year old "widescreen expert" son says: it's widescreen, but not "Sleeping Beauty, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings widescreen"! Are we seeing the true picture ratio that was in the theaters? Mike.


I'm quite sure that 1,66:1 is the original aspect ratio of Lilo and Stitch, as is for most of the recent animated films. Atlantis was "Sleeping Beauty widescreen", however. :)