DCA Aladdin CD is here!!

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Finally they have released a CD for "Aladdin A Musical Spectacular". They had one left at 20th Century Music tonight; don't know how stock looks at DCA but I bet they are goin' faster than Abu after jewelry. I haven't heard it yet but it looked like a great CD. I think there were about 21 tracks. It looked like the whole show all divided into cues including overture, a curtain call and some other track at the end (perhaps exit music).

X-S Tech

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Well a CD is sort of a round shiny think that plays music....

Just kidding. I just got the album but haven't had time to listen to much of it. So far it looks to be the songs and all the music cues. That means there's no dialogue for the show. Also has the new song written for the show by Alan Menken. I hated this song when I saw the preview performance. I was like they tried to fit the lyrics into the existing music and just couldn't make it work. But that was a preview and perhaps the final recording will be better. And DeeDee from the MMC and The Party is Jasmine! More info to come....
I just happened to be at the Park (my LAST day!) and it was the morning it came out! I was PSYCHED to end my vacation on such a high note!

The CD is definitely a STUDIO recording. it's VERY clean and there are no audience sounds or anything!
It's the FULL show as far as I recall and the Jasmine is DeeDee Magno! :)
(yay mouseketeers!)