Davy Crockett question for Greg or Tim



Hi guys,

I saw a non-Disney CD of Walt Disney's Davy Crockett (paired with some Roy Rogers stuff) recently. I have a Disney release of Davy Crockett material. Can you tell me anything about this other release. I'm assuming it's a CD release of an old album.

If your CD is on the DRG label, it's a reissue of Columbia's Davy Crockett records from the 1950s. They were produced by Disney but released originally on Columbia before Disneyland Records was established. Some of it ended up on the Disneyland album, "Three Adventures of Davy Crockett," and the other Crockett songs on the CD were various singles from 45's and 78's.

The remainder of the CD contains two adventures starring Gene Autry and his horse Champion, which were also Columbia records.

You can view this CD on amazon at:

DRG also reissued the Columbia 78 RPM recording of Dinah Shore telling and singing Walt Disney's BONGO from Fun and Fancy Free, along with other vintage recordings, on this CD:

And for Hanna-Barbera fans, the 78 on which Gene Kelly tells and sings the story of The King Who Couldn't Dance from Anchors Aweigh (where he danced with Jerry the Mouse) is on this CD:
Wow, thanks for spotting the Crockett CD, Bill--and Greg, thanks for the additional info and links! Davy Crockett items are one of my many weaknesses; I suppose I'm one of Walt's original Crockett "zombies"(in fact, thinking back on everything, it was actually probably Walt's brainwashing that caused me to pack up and head to Alaska for the better part of the 80's, in a attempt to be "King of the Last Frontier"--but now we're really heading off into other territory.....).

The CD's cover is the original cover from the 1955 LP, CL 666(it's pictured in Michael Murray's book). Murray's book also states that the LP was the first edition release of this material on an LP(I saw it come up on ebay a while back--pricey, I think it was). Looking at the tracks on the CD, it looks like three of the Crockett tracks are probably the same ones on "Three Adventures of Davy Crockett", as you mentioned, Greg; if that's the case, maybe I won't have to open my sealed DQ 1315 LP(I've also got a noisey opened one).

And Greg, thanks for re-mentioning the Dinah Shore/Bongo CD(actually on a Rosemary Clooney disc). I remember you discussing the CD sometime ago, but I never got around to ordering it(I could never find it at Borders or Barnes & Noble, when I remembered to look). I'll have to include it when I order the Davy CD.

Bill--did you see the Crockett CD on-line, or in a store? If it was in a store, I was curious where the heck they had it filed, which has been a problem in the past for some Disney releases(Randy's Archive series.....).

Riders in the Sky--got it!

Fess Parker--add it to the order!!!(Fess singing about another favorite of mine--Jim Bowie--awesome--I'll have to pull out the Bowie knife my father had to carve for me while I listen, for the full effect.....)

Thanks again, Greg--Mike.
Greg--I thought I'd ask you another question(non-Disney), since we've gotten into the realm of American Folk Heroes. My two favorite LP's from childhood, which actually hold up quite well by "adult"(whatever that means) standards are the following: Great American Folk Heroes, J 3013, on Judson Records/Wonderland Series, narrated by Will Rogers Jr., with songs performed by Tom Scott--seven stories/songs about characters ranging from Wild Bill Hickok to John Henry, all beautifully rendered; Stories and Songs of the Civil War, LBY 1032, on RCA Victor/Bluebird Records, narrated by the actor Ralph Bellamy, with songs sung by Ed McCurdy, accompanied by Al Caiola on guitar--stories about figures such as Robert E. Lee and U. S. Grant, along with songs of the time. I loved these recordings as a child, and as I said above, they still touch me today. I was just wondering if, in your "travels," you've ever run across these records, or maybe know something more about the individuals involved.