DARK CRYSTAL soundtrack available!

THANK YOU, Tommy! We've just been talking about the Dark Crystal the past several days, because we just bought the re-issued book, "The World of the Dark Crystal," with the beautiful concept art of Brian Froud--and just yesterday we were bemoaning the fact that we didn't have the soundtrack. If I'm correct, the score has only been available on vinyl--I don't think there has ever been a CD release. Memorable score by Trevor Jones--a classic film. I wonder if I'll be able to find the CD at, say, Borders or Barnes & Noble? I'll give it a try--thanks again for the post, and the link! Mike.


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For those wishing to locate copies of "The Dark Crystal" you can also check out:


Each of these retailers have copies in stock and most probably will have varied collector numbers. I highly recommend Screen Archives as Craig Spaulding is great and very helpful. I received #270 of 5000 from him, but then again I had preorded the CD back in February. The original CD release was delayed from February to May because the producers wisely decided to include both the album recording and the complete edited underscore in one package. As you will discover some of the tracks on the "complete" recording have abrupt cut-offs. Other than that this CD release is incredible!! Everybody should own a copy! ;D