Darby O Gill DVD & What Obscure Disney TV Shows would you like on DVD?

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Just wanted to recommend the film Darby O GIll and the Little People to anyone who hasn't seen it, or is hesitating to buy it on DVD, not only for this great film, but also for the added bonus feature, the full episode of the Disneyland TV Show: I Captured the King of the Leprechauns. I taped this episode from the Vault Disney and it quickly became one of my favorites. It's a false documentary about Walt's experience making Darby O Gill, no real behind the scenes secrets but lots of Little People fantasy, lotsa great Irish folklore (that Banshee poem still creeps me out), and lots of Walt!! It's always great to see Walt act, and this has lots of him. I can't recomend this episode enough.

Now for the second half of the topic: While the Disney Treasures seem to be doing well, there are obviously some episodes of the Disneyland TV Show and it's successors (Walt DIsney presents etc...) that due to their unique subjects, and inability to be grouped in a logical way to any other program, may never make it to release. "I Captured the King of the Leprechauns" was one that I hadn't expected to see, though of course it makes perfect sense packaged with the film. So, what super obscure Disney TV show (or short film I suppose) gem would you like to see released in some way? Here's my list:

The Disneyland Fourth Anniversary Show- A real jewel. Lotsa Mousketeer footage and great presentation of the Rainbow Road to Oz, catchy catchy music

The Golden Horseshoe Revue- Perhaps on a second Disneyland USA Volume. Here's hoping...

Where Do the Stories Come From?- This was pretty much just a bunch of shorts, but had lots of connecting footage to explain the origin of certain films. The great one is the bit about Trains, where Walt shows home movies of his backyard train, including footage of Kirk Douglas and Family riding (supposedly, Douglas took offense at Walt showing his kids on TV without permission and vowed never again to work for Disney)

A Disneyland Progress Report- I always enjoyed this one a bit more than the "Pre Opening Report", just thought that the details shown were more interesting for some reason. Again, hopefully it'll show up in DL Vol 2.

Anyone else?

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As soon as I started this topic half of the episodes I wanted to mention flew out of my head. I just remembered 2 of them.

Magic Highway USA- Ideally on another Tomorrowland Volume

Disneyland Goes to a World's Fair- This is a great show. It has great 60's (Ward Kimball?) Animation, Great Mellowman (I'm guessing) songs, and of course all the details about the fair.

"Scrooge McDuck and Money" Just like it. Again the songs are catchy ("We need money, convenient Money")
I' d love to see a multi-volume compilation of Ludwig Von Drake shows.

Scarecrow of Romney Marsh

Disneyland Showtime

Ranger of Brownstone

The Story of Cats

Golden Horseshoe Revue

The four Zorro hour shows

Really, I'd be interested in all of the animation and Disneyland related compilations hours that were made through the late-60's. so many of them have cool new animation and other material.

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I'd love to see Disneyland USA included on a future DL Treasures DVD. My sister taped a copy for me a few years ago off Vault Disney but she wasn't as concerned with the quality of the picture as I am. ;)

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Darby O'Gill is one of the best fantasy movies ever made. When I was a child, the banshee in the doorway gave me my first big-time movie scare. Disney should remake it with Sean Connery playing Darby this time around! I'll definitely be picking up the DVD!

TV episodes I really want to see released:

Disneyland showtime (cheese, cheese, cheese, and it's all great! Kurt Russell singing "Sugar Sugar"!!! Donny Osmond gets lost! Oh no!!! ROTFL!!!)


*ANY* episode of Wonderful World of Color that includes the full length version of the theme song!

The extended "Dad Can I Borrow the Car?"

Also, (more recent), that Disneyland retrospective hosted by Harry Anderson. The one with a montage of Walt interacting with DL guests set to Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World." I loved that.

- Rich


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How about "Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land"?

I was surprised to see that if was left out of the Donald Duck Disney Treasures DVDs.

"In Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land (1959, 25 mins.) Donald Duck discovers the fascinating world of math, including the pentagram, the golden rectangle, and the spiral. Viewers see how mathematical principals influence science, art, music, architecture, and even sports."


I'd be happy to see any of the old Disneyland/WD Presents TV shows.

I'd love the complete Zorro as well.

As for the Donald in Mathmagic Land," I was suprised as well, until I looked at some of the other shorts and cartoons that haven't been released yet. I'm now guessing that sometime in the future we'll see an "Disney Educational Classics" set with that, the Jimminy Cricket cartoons, some of the Goofy shorts that haven't been released yet, etc... At least, I hope so. :)


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It wasn't so much that the Donald DVD ommited anything so much as they just haven't gotten to it yet. That compilation only covered the first few years of Donald's career. Mathmagic Land, (not to mention most of the DOnald Cartoons that I really like) were from the later half. Oh well I can wait.

This will never ever happen, but I would love the WDW Resort Information Channel loops from the 70's, especially the ones I rememeber being hosted by Jiminy Cricket, with the awesome "wacka-chicka-wacka" 70's music.
You have no idea of the unspeakable, horrible things I would do to get a tape/DVD of the old resort loops. Terrible things.

You have managed to tap into one of my longest-running Disney audiovisual desires. I've often wondered, but never thought to ask online, if these old tapes were archived anywhere. I've often hoped that there was a master copy that they would keep, and just not trash them after they updated the loop.

Man, how great would it be to have those. Remember when you'd watch it all the way through on the resort TV network and when it was done you'd have to wait for the tape to rewind before it would start over?

Good times.

I've been dreaming about those films since we got our first VCR, a Betamax, in 1982. "Hey, I wonder if we could sneak this into our room and tape the hotel channel!"

Those films changed from year to year, so there were a lot of them, and I'll bet it's all safe in film vaults. The trouble is, most people who have access to film vaults don't know what they have in them. I'm sitting tight until WDW's 50th anniversary, when maybe one of them will become available as a bonus track on the 50th anniversary DVD (or whatever format we're using in 2021).

Before Birnbaum guides, those hotel films were the only way you learned about Walt Disney World Village, the Golf Resort (and the Wee Links!), and other rarely filmed corners of the Vacation Kingdom. I wish I could say I remember them vividly, but I only have a few mental snapshots of them, and before the 10th anniversary there was a song...."Disney World, Disney World, Walt Disney World" that a tourguide sang just as the loop was ending.

Happy memories.

Jeff in NY


Is The Scarecrow of the Romney Marsh the same as Dr. Syn?? Cause Id like Dr. Syn on DVD :)

And the Von Drake shows too :D

Hey XS...Is that I Captured the King of the Leprecauns the one with Walt and Pat O'Brien? That was one of MY favorites too :)

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Yeah Mark that's the one. I love when Walt asks how big a leprechaun is, then clarifies, "I mean are they small enough to keep in a shoebox, provided I punch airholes in the top?"

Great, great stuff.