DAK - Asia BGM


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Recently identified the first track from Fudgie's recorded Asia BGM loop as "Sabilulungan" by Suara Parahiangan Group (Sundanese Music Of West Java Vol 2).

There is another gamelan degung track around 29:30 in that same loop, but is not on the Sundanese Vol 2 CD. Would appreciate any help in identifying the remaining tracks on Fudgie's loop.

This is your Captain speaking... ;D


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Okay, I found it purely by accident. I was researching gamelan degung music from West Java (a completely unrelated project), but parts of this particular tune stuck in my head. When I ran across the song during my research, I couldn't help but recognize it.

For those wondering where the Asia BGM tracks are, a regular named Fudgie recorded the entire loop and posted it to alt.binaries.multimedia.disney (I think!). You might try picking it up there.
That address does not work. I could tell be looking at it, there is no such protocol as that. I did try it anyway and I was right.


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alt.binaries.multimedia.disney DOES in fact exist...it is a Usenet newsgroup. If you have trouble seeing it, you are probably using a lousy newsserver. Try Giganews or Easynews.

I'll repost the Asia BGM to the group because Fudgie's post has disappeared.