Cut Song (Duet) from "Enchanted"


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Does anyone have a copy of the cut song from "Enchanted"?
It was meant for Idina Menzel and James Marsden to sing.
My friend said it was a lovely song (he was background in the movie and got to hear it).
It's not on the DVD or the soundtrack, both of which I bought.

Please email me at

Not a lot of love for Enchanted on these boards, huh?

Personally I was disappointed in both the movie and the music (the movie was paced like a tv show and the music seemed less than the sum of its parts).


Put me in the "I liked the movie" camp, including the music. My big gripe was the ending battle/dragon thing... just seemed rather tacked on and out of place with the rest of the movie's style.


ya the movie was nice, not masterpiece but better than a dvd release at least, until the ending. then it's like the writers from all the dvd releases got together for a last hurrah

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As I understand it, they basically shot the film in sequence, so the climax, which should have been the most challenging and time consuming to pull off, had to be rushed because the live action parts weren't filmed until close to the deadline, and therefore the sfx and animation were rushed as well.