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Yes, I noticed that too but one of them does actually play side 3 (unless I lapsed into a coma or something and imagined it) :)
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STER-4021 Walt Disney's Music Cavalcade
from Mickey Mouse to Sleeping Beauty
"Thirty Years of Disney Hits From Original Film Sound Tracks" Narrated by Ken Carpenter

-This album is in stereo, but interesting in that the narration in on one track and all mono songs are in the other track. :) I recorded it the way it was, so you could hear what was originally done.

-Purchased this album a few years ago, mint in package. This recording was the second time it was played. A few pops here and there just from age, but otherwise still nice :)
For those who had a chance to hear this, what did you think? Should it be one that is re-released?


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This is a FANTASTIC record and I would certainly buy it on CD if ever it were re-released. Even at low def it's brilliant.
I really like the way you have preserved the left and right channels from the original. :)
Oh, by the way, I DID lapse into a coma. Side 2 was on twice not just a typo.
Added Album:

BV-3319 30 Great Walt Disney Motion Picture Melodies
Conducted By Camarata
1963 (Stereo)

I listened to this for the first time as I recorded it. Wow! It is like listening to overtures before a play! :) This belongs on Main Street as BGM! (IMHO :) )

Side 1

1. From "Summer Magic" (Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman) Summer Magic, Beautiful Beulah, Femininity, Flitterin, Ugly Bug Ball, On the Front Porch

2. From "Snow White" (Larry Morey, Frank Churchill) Whistle While You Work, Someday My Prince Will Come, One Song, Heigh Ho

3. From "Babes in Toyland" (Leven, Bruns music adapted from V. Herbert melody) Toyland, Lemonade, Just a Whisper Away, Workshop Song, Castle in Spain, I Can't Do the Sum

4. From "Pinocchio" (Ned Washington, Leigh Harline) When You Wish Upon A Star

5. From "Swiss Family Robinson" (Terry Gilkyson) My Heart is an Island

Side 2

1. From "The Parent Trap" (Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman) Maggie's Theme

2. From "Sleeping Beauty" (Adair, Bruns, Fain, Hibler, Lawrence and Sears, music adapted from the Tschaikowsky Ballet) Love Theme, Sleeping Beauty, I Wonder, Sing A Smiling Song, Once Upon A Dream

3. From "Bambi" (Larry Morey, Frank Churchill) A Gay Little Spring Song, Little April Shower, I Bring You A Love Song, Love Is A Song

4. From "Cinderella" (Mack David, Jerry Hoffman and Jerry Livingston) So This Is Love, Cinderella Work Song, A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

(whew, I hate to type :p )


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This is probably the most relaxing record I have ever heard (including all those jungle sounds and waterfalls etc).
Thanks for adding it.
It may be a little too slow and relaxing for Main Street I think. All the guests would stop walking and relax to it :)
However, in a nice " Ye olde little tea shoppe" if would be great.
Pure Disney at it's best!
Added Album:

WDL-4003 Walt Disney's People and Places Series From the original soundtrack of Walt Disney's motion picture
Side 1: Samoa Music composed and conducted by Oliver G. Wallace
Side 2: Switzerland Music composed and conducted by Paul J. Smith
Added Album:

WDL-3001 Life of the Party
Player Piano Music You Can Sing To

Includes lyrics booklet. Album and Booklet artwork by X. Atencio

A selection from Album liner notes:

Among the many wonders captivating the crowd ogling the past, present and future of Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom of Disneyland in Anaheim, California, is the quaint ancient and almost human tinkling player piano with it's dancing keys, in it's own magic corner of the Wonderland Music Store.

Wonderland Music Store in Disneyland....has a complete selection of player piano rolls, including over 1000 titles. We have the hits of the Gay Nineties as well as the popular songs of today. Write for a complete catalogue to:

(Wonder where the letter would wind up today :unsure: )
Added Album:

STER-4022 Babes in Toyland
Walt Disney Presents the Original Cast

"This stereophonic re-creation of the Soundtrack of "Babes in Toyland" with the original cast was recorded at Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood; Allan Emig, Chief Engineer."
I can't get side 2 to load. It says "loading..NaN%" in the player. Side 1 plays fine.
Fixed. I had accidently deleted it from the database :unsure:

Cast for ST-1901 record (different than movie): Arthur Shields as "Darby". Pat O'Mally as "King Brian"

James Patrick O'Malley (March 15, 1904 ? February 27, 1985) was a British singer and character actor, who appeared in many American films and television shows during the 1940s?1970s. He went by his stage name J. Pat O'Malley. and he was born on March 15, 1904 (although some sources state 1901).
O'Malley began his recording career in 1925 and was principal singer with Jack Hylton and his Orchestra from 1930 to 1933. Known at that time as Pat O'Malley, he recorded over 400 popular songs of the day.
O'Malley began a solo recording career in 1935 in parallel with his work with Hylton. At the end of 1935 Hylton and O'Malley went to the US to record with a band composed of American musicians, thus emulating Ray Noble and Al Bowlly. The venture was short-lived but O'Malley remained in the United States.
Now known as J. Pat O'Malley he had a long and varied acting career including the film Lassie Come Home in 1943 as "Hynes" and later in Walt Disney's Spin and Marty hit television serials as "Perkins" (1955?1957). O'Malley also appeared in the television series Twilight Zone episode called (The Fugitive) (1962). In the 1964?1965 season, he appeared as a handyman on the series Wendy and Me with costars George Burns, Connie Stevens, and Ron Harper. He appeared as Carol Brady's father in the premier episode of ABC's The Brady Bunch. He made several appearances in the television series Maude, as Hermione Baddeley's beau, from 1973 to 1975. He appeared in a cameo on the show Emergency! in its third season[1]. He also guest starred in 1966 in Jack Sheldon's short-lived CBS series Run, Buddy, Run.[2]
Walt Disney also engaged O'Malley to provide voices for animated films such as the Cockney coster in the "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" sequence in Mary Poppins 1964 and the role of Colonel Hathi and the vulture Buzzie in The Jungle Book in 1967. His voice can also be heard in Alice in Wonderland (1951), in which he performs all character voices in the "Walrus and Carpenter" segment, and the role of the Colonel and Jasper in One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961) and in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in several roles including the original voice of the Pirate Captain dunking the magistrate into the well.
In 1982, O'Malley made his final television appearance on Taxi. A DVD version of the Adventures of Spin & Marty from the 1955 season was released in 2005 as part of the Walt Disney Treasures series.
J.Pat O'Malley died from cardiovascular disease in San Juan Capistrano, California at the age of 80.
Added Album:

BV-1302 Say One For Me
James Van Husen and Sammy Cahn's Complete Score from the 20th Century Fox musical starring Bing Crosby, Debbie Reynolds and Robert Wagner.

"Presenting the popular songs from the show on this long playing Vista album are two veterans of show business, Rex Allen and Tony Paris, and a delightful, perky newcomer, Roberta Shore. Leading the orchestra is Tutti Camarata."

Rex Allen - Narrater of original Carousel of Progress ride
Tony Paris - Disneyland Date Niters
Roberta Shore - Starred in "The Shaggy Dog"


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Thanks for letting us listen. Here is some requests:
Story of The Gnome Mobile
Story of Johnny Appleseed
Story of The Absent Minded Professor
Winne the Pooh and the Heffalumps too
Story of The Incredible Journey
Story of The Boatnik
Story of The Ugly Dachshund
Story of Pete's Dragon
Story of The Sword and the Stone

It is exciting to be able to hear such rare recordings. Fun too!! Thanks! :unsure:
Thanks for letting us listen. Here is some requests:
Story of The Gnome Mobile
Story of Johnny Appleseed
Story of The Absent Minded Professor
Winne the Pooh and the Heffalumps too
Story of The Incredible Journey
Story of The Boatnik
Story of The Ugly Dachshund
Story of Pete's Dragon
Story of The Sword and the Stone

It is exciting to be able to hear such rare recordings. Fun too!! Thanks! :D
Got those lined up to record :unsure:
Added Album:

WDL-4002 Pinocchio
Walt Disney's Original Sound Track Music

I debated about putting this one on. The 1992 Pinocchio Soundtrack CD has more tracks and of course was Digitally Re-Mastered from the magnetic tracks by Engineer Bruce Botnick. I listened to both last night and found enough difference I think to justify posting the LP to hear. Also I think it is cool to listen to such an old classic record that has made it through all these years. This LP cover is the wonderful village picture with Geppetto's workshop painted by Kelsey. On the back cover it has a rubber stamped date Apr 6, 1957 when it was bought by a gentleman here in Washington state. The record label is the yellow with classic Disneyland label. It surprisingly plays well, I think.

Side One:
Band 1: When You Wish Upon a Star
Band 2: Cricket Theme - Little Wooden Head - Clock Sequence
Band 3: Fairy Theme - When You Wish Upon a Star
Band 4: Give a Little Whistle - Village Awakening - Hi Diddle Dee Dee

Side Two:
Band 1: I've got No Strings
Band 2: Sad Reunion - Fairy Theme - When you Wish Upon a Star - Lesson in Lies
Band 3: Hi Diddle Dee Dee
Band 4: Out of the Sea-Sea Horses - Desolation Theme
Band 5: The Whale Chase - Desolation Theme Finale - Turn On the Old Music Box - When you Wish Upon a Star
Added Album:

DQ-1305 Walt Disney presents the story of Blackbeard's Ghost
Narrated by Peter Ustinov
From the Walt Disney Motion Picture Sound Track
Starring: Peter Ustinov, Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette
Co-Starring: Ella Lanchester, Joby Baker and Elliott Reid

(Funny to hear Ustinov narrate. Sounds like his Prince John character from Robin Hood :unsure: )
Added Album:

WDL-4020 America the Beautiful
Walt Disney present's A Musical Mural

From the liner notes in the album:

"At the American Exhibition in Moscow and at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California there are identical structures housing a new multiple screen motion picture exhibition form called Circarama. The subject matter of the films being screened in these widely separated locations is the same: a twenty-minute pictoral paean to America. Fittingly enough, the song America the Beautiful is heard at the beginning and the end of the show. The sights and sounds of America depected in this new motion picture form are truly overwhelming, but the beauties of our land conjured up by our heritage of songs about our country have a special eloquence of their own.

America is a home-loving and peace-loving land and it certainly is fitting that one of our most popular patriotic songs is far from martial; instead it is a description of the beauty of our country. The words of this song. America the Beautiful, were written by Katherine Lee Bates, who was Professor of English at Wellesley College, and set to the hymn tune of Materna. America, the beautiful, forms the theme of this album and while the stirring Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean and Battle Hymn of the Republic are included, the majority of the songs are descriptive. From the sidewalks of New York to the pains of Oklahoma, and from the banks of the Wabash to old Kentucky - familiar melodies of these places as performed by the Disneyland Chorus piant a musical picture of the United States of America."

Sam the Eagle endorses this album! (as do I) ;)

note: Unsure if these songs were the same ones used in the Circarama or not. Anybody have knowledge of this??

You can see pictures this album here:
Added Album:

ST-1906 Walt Disney Presents the Story of Pollyanna
From the sound track of the film with these members of the original cast:
Jane Wyman as Aunt Polly
Karl Malden as Reverend Ford
Adolphe Menjoe as Mr. Pendergast
Agnes Moorhead as Mrs. Snow
Kevin Corcoran as Jimmy Bean
and presenting Hayley Mills as Pollyanna
Background music composed by Paul Smith