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Trying out a different MP3 player that allows you to select albums/songs to a playlist. I wanted to be able to provide a wider selection instead of just one album at a time. I have added ST3911 Sleeping Beauty, narrated by Mary Martin and also W-3 A Musical Souvenir of Walt Disney's Magical Kingdom (the picture disc)
Let me know what you think about the player, ease of use, sound, format, etc.

click on the "?" in the player for help menu.


I really like the new player. Very easy to use, works well. It's very similar to the "Make Mine Music Radio" player that you have on the site. Thanks for sharing these albums with us. Some I already own, but some I don't.
Bill said:
The new player won't play on my computer. When I click on the mp3 player link, a small window pops-up but there's nothing in it (just blank). :(
What browser are you using? I read in a Joomla extension forum that it does not run with Opera. Foxfire and IE are ok.


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Works fine in Firefox 3 (latest version) - the mountainears player at the bottom opens a playlist which plays fine.
The Ears record player opens the mp3 player (right hand of page) but I'm not sure what to do with it. :(
The help section says to press + to load album - what album? Nothing happens.
Ah wait.
If I open it full screen, there's a little box half off the left hand side of my screen which I can move which has the albums in it!
Doesn't show up on the reduced size at all.
It also doesn't appear again if you close the album box. You need to restart the player, go to full screen, drag the box over and then select the album.
After that it works fine :p
That may be me and my PC however..............
Interesting listening.
Yeah, it is not the easiest player to use :( , but it is a free extension for the platform I am using (Joomla) :p on the website.

Also to note: When you select a song in the player, you can click on the " V " button on the right to stream to your WMP allowing you to add songs to your library playlist. Then you can stream without having to use the player.


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Check your Adobe Flash player is up to date.
If you get a window that is blank, that's possibly the cause. If you are using Firefox with Flash switcher, click on the icon and check which version you are using, Ah, you are using EI - if you also use Firefox, you need to update twice - once from IE and once from Firefox - they don't share their Flash players :(
Go to the adobe page and get it to check if there is a newer version (although it works on versions down to at least 8 on FF).
Bill said:
I don't use Firefox and I have the latest version of Flash already. Here is what I am working with:

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (Version 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 Build 6001)
Internet Explorer 7 (Version 7.0.6001.18000)
Adobe Flash Player (Version

I can click on the MAKEMINEMUSIC RADIO links and that works, but that gives me all of the songs instead of the just the featured album(s).
hmm.....I wonder if it is IE7?? I have heard many issues using it. I am on IE6.


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Might well be.
I went back to IE6 after several programs ceased to work when I updated to IE7.
In particular, the free version of MusicMatch Juke box allows recording (you have to pay for that in later versions).
Now, there seems to be no relationship between the two BUT on surfing the Internet, found it to be true.
There were also several other seemingly unrelated programs that it caused problems with as well.
Vista, of course, is having it's own problems with many things as well.
Java up to date?
You could try uninstalling the latest flash and trying, say, version 8 and seeing if that helps (there's been some grumbling over the latest release and I have had the odd problem with it on Flash sites - but more of a "a script on this page is taking too long" - which goes away with version 8.
One of the reasons I use Firefox with Flash Switcher (changes the Flash version you are using and can be reversed).
Anyone else here on IE7 and Vista and either having problems or not having problems?
Several "no I'm fine" replies would at least let us know to look elsewhere.


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Just one quick question. Any downloading restrictions on these?
They'd be nice on a CD :(
Just one quick question. Any downloading restrictions on these?
They'd be nice on a CD :p
Good question Eyore. The site is for listening pleasure, not downloading. All mp3 files on the site were recorded from my personal collection of Disney vinyl. The club site is in no way affilated with Walt Disney Records or any other music companies that maintain the rights to the songs played on the site.

Not sure if that is disclaimer enough :(
Added album:

WDL 4014 Johnny Tremain
Liberty Tree And other Songs Of Our Soldiers

From the album liner notes:
Walt Disney's "Johnny Tremain" is based upon the famous novel by Ester Forbes. It is the stirring tale of a teenager who was present at many of the most exiting events surrounding the beginning of the Revolutionary War. For the score of the motion picture, Walt Disney selected a composer who enjoyed a resounding success in creating music associated with a somewhat later period of American History, the Davy Crockett era. George Bruns wrote the melody for the famous ballad, as well as setting one of the very rare examples of Crockett's poetry to music in the moving "Farewell". In the "Johnny Tremain" songs, as with the earlier Crockett pictures, George Bruns partner and lyricist is the talented Tom Blackburn, who was also responsible for the screenplays.

Side 2 "Songs of Our Soldiers" style reminds me of songs heard in "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" preshows.


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Good question Eyore. The site is for listening pleasure, not downloading. All mp3 files on the site were recorded from my personal collection of Disney vinyl. The club site is in no way affilated with Walt Disney Records or any other music companies that maintain the rights to the songs played on the site.

Not sure if that is disclaimer enough :(
I think that covers you should any naughty people think of attempting to download anything that they haven't paid for.
I'm sure nobody here would even think of it :p
Added album:

WDL 3027 Summer
Music by Camarata

Second of the "Music of the Seasons" set.

From the album liner notes:
May we suggest you limber up your ear, settle back and reminisce about summer with this collection of songs about Summer conducted by Camarata. They are warm and languorous as a sunny afternoon in August, with the bees a-buzzin' above a grassy bower.
Added Albums:

WDL-3030 Little Gems from Big Shows
Music conducted by Camarata and featuring the voices of Annette, Jerome Courtland, Henry Calvin, Darlene Gellespie, and Karen and Cubby.

Vista STER-4046 The Disneyland Band
22 Stirring Selections by the Magic Kingdon Band, James Christensen directing
2 including the Dapper Dans


(Had to correct typos!!)

Wunderful! Wunderful!

I am listening to The Disneyland Band!
Known that for years BUT never heard that before! Love it!

Now, to me it seems that this and The WDW Band were recorded at the same time, which means that they were both done in California!
Music arranger James Christensen (Who conducts both bands on those recordings!) was conductor to the All American College Orchestra in the summer, for many years, at EPCOT (Then Center).

I attended MANY of the performances through the years and even audio taped loads of shows!
Humm, why don't I sell those and then you can all call me Fran?ois O'Neal!

My favourite performances were with Rosie Clooney, Maureen McGovern and Richard Carpenter and the
Voices of Liberty.

Anyone here saw them?
The kids (musicians) were terrific!

Hey! I've just found that!

Graduating in 1990, Krasner received his bachelor of music degree in classical guitar performance from Stetson?s School of Music then spent his first few post-college years playing bass at Disney World?s EPCOT Center and at clubs throughout the southeastern U.S. with various rock, jazz and country bands. While at EPCOT, Krasner worked with the All-American College Orchestra, performing with a variety of artists such as Rosemary Clooney, Michael Feinstein, Maureen McGovern and Bill Conti.

Then placing a more intense focus on theory and electric bass, Krasner began studying with world-renowned bassist Dave LaRue in 1995, while teaching his own students at the Stetson University Community School of the Arts as well as the Florida State Conservatory of Music in Orlando. Krasner moved to Nashville, Tenn., in January 1997.

Well, I have also found this!

James Christensen

Born: August 27, 1935

For twelve of his 37-plus years with Walt Disney Productions, Jim served as music director for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and conducted the All-American Marching Band at the grand opening of Euro-Disneyland in Paris on April 12, 1992. A prolific composer/arranger with over 400 published works to his credit, Jim has also appeared as guest conductor with the symphonic orchestras of Houston, San Diego, Winnipeg Honolulu, New Orleans Pops, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the Radio City Music Hall Orchestra, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, and others. Among his current activities, he is a trombone clinician for UMI-Conn and is a member of the American Bandmasters Assn. and serves on the advisory board of the Association of Concert Bands.

Jim?s arrangements are currently heard at theme parks around the world, including all the Disney parks, Knott?s Berry Farm, Canada?s Wonderland, Hershey Park, Lotte World (Korea), Everland, and Movie World in Germany. He has also arranged and orchestrated music for the Boston Pops, the London Philharmonic, several Super Bowls, and MENC?s World Largest Concert.

Jim continues to guest conduct for high school, college and community bands and has conducted the Community Band of America (Band at Sea) since 1994.
Great info Francois! :)

Added Albums:

WDL-3021 Autumn
WDL-3026 Winter

Final 2 albums from the "Music of the Seasons" set by Camarata
Added Album:

STER-4021 Walt Disney's Music Cavalcade
from Mickey Mouse to Sleeping Beauty
"Thirty Years of Disney Hits From Original Film Sound Tracks" Narrated by Ken Carpenter

-This album is in stereo, but interesting in that the narration in on one track and all mono songs are in the other track. :) I recorded it the way it was, so you could hear what was originally done.

-Purchased this album a few years ago, mint in package. This recording was the second time it was played. A few pops here and there just from age, but otherwise still nice :)


Makeminemusic, you are spoiling us, but I don't mind "smelling bad" if it's in the name of Disney music!

Thank you for sharing!