Current Film Score Monthly issue (the Shermans & POTC)


Real-life Harry Caul
Playlist Author
FYI, the current issue of Film Score Monthly (dubbed "The Pirate Issue") has two feature
articles of interest to fans of Disney music:

1) "Practically Perfect in Every Way: Richard Sherman talks about the Sherman Brothers'
career writing hit songs for stage & screen"; interview by Cary Wong. An enjoyable read
with several nice photos of the Brothers at work and with Walt. Interesting little tidbit
about how "It's a Small World" came to be.

2) "Shiver Me Timbres: Klaus Badelt leads a Media Ventures assault on pirate movie
scoring traditions"; written by Jeff Bond. Whether you agree with the approach that was
taken in the score or not, this article provides some insight into why Silvestri was canned
and Media Ventures was brought in.