current carousel of progress complete soundtrack

Has the current carousel of progress at wdw ever had a complete (not "miked")soundtrack available along with its que music. I know an editied song was released... but that was it...


WDW forever had the whole thing i believe..

hmm that might've been teh Now is the Time version though. i know the current version is out there but forget where it came from.

by not "miked" do you mean instrumental though? in that case no... or did you mean not "mixed"

X-S Tech

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Yes, WDWForever had one version of the Now is the Time Version (the late 80's version). There is a recording of the 1994 version of the show that was recorded with an Assisted Listening Device, edited together with the commercially released version of the song. That's about all you'll find right now.
thx X-S ...... soooooo Randy, any chances of the current COP being released... It took the Disneyland Forever system to finally get a good quality recording of the original show some 40 years AFTER it had debuted and 30 years to get released.... talk about hard to get