Covering the Mouse: A Disney Music Blog


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Hello everyone! I'm new to your boards and can't wait to get in the discussions about Disney music!

I have a blog that I would love you all to check out:

Covering the Mouse

Every day (Monday-Friday) I post a cover version of a famous Disney song! They span all genres and styles as well as remixes and other interpretations.

Please check it out and feel free to join the facebook group too!

I am always collecting new versions of Disney tunes so if you have any, I would love to talk to you! Maybe we can do a trade!



Hi Kurtis,

please don't get me wrong here - but I am wondering how you are able to clear the rights for all the recordings you are posting?

I hope you are aware, that offering the complete songs on your blog requires you to secure according legal permission from the rightholders of the records in advance and pay according royalties...




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Hey Dirk,

Thanks for the concern. This is a matter I thought long and hard about before I started the blog. I have not cleared this blog with Disney. I just want to share my love for their music and they are getting free publicity at the same time!

As you may know, mp3 blogs have become very popular in the last few years. They are getting to the point now that some labels are even sending them material to promote their artists. I understand that the people who own the rights to the music probably want the money that comes with it. This is why I have chosen to not allow downloads. The music on this blog is streamed and I always post a link to amazon or itunes if available. I don't make money off the site, in fact I spend money on the domain name and space. I'm not taking any money away from Disney.

I know Disney, record labels or artists may approach me sooner or later but I have a feeling that they would go after sites like and that freely post full albums first.

But enough about this stuff. What are your favourite Disney covers, Dirk?