CountryBears Soundtrack

Yahoo has an article listing the cuts on the CB Movie Soundtrack.

"7/23/02, 1 p.m. ET) -- Songs from Don Henley, John Hiatt, Bonnie Raitt, and Men At Work's Colin Hay highlight the soundtrack for the upcoming Disney film, The Country Bears. The album comes out Tuesday (July 23).

Hiatt penned seven of the album's 14 tracks. Hiatt, Henley, Raitt, and Hay all lend vocals to the Hiatt-penned track "Straight To The Heart Of Love," while Raitt and Henley duet on "Can Love Stand The Test," another tune by Hiatt. Other tracks rounding out the album come from Elton John, Brian Setzer, Bela Fleck, and a classic track from the Byrds.

The complete tracklisting for The Country Bears includes: "Let It Ride" (John Hiatt), "Where Nobody Knows Your Name" (John Hiatt), "Can Love Stand The Test Of Time" (Don Henley and Bonnie Raitt), "The Kid In You" (Krystal Marie Harris), "I'm Only In It For The Honey" (Brian Setzer '68 Comeback Special & Stephen Root), "Kick It Into Gear" (Jennifer Paige), "Straight To The Heart Of Love" (John Hiatt with Colin Hay, Bonnie Raitt, and Don Henley), "Bear Mountain Hop" (Bela Fleck), "Just The Goin'" (John Hiatt), "Where Nobody Knows Your Name (Reprise)" (E.G. Daily), "So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star" (the Byrds), "Friends" (Elton John), "Barely Home" (music score), and "Nylon Hmm" (music score).

A host of musicians contributed to the soundtrack as well, including guitarist Sonny Landreth, bassist Davey Faragher, and drummer Pete Thomas (of the Attractions and the Imposters, Elvis Costello's former and current backing bands), as well as guitarist Mike Campbell and keyboardist Benmont Tench of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers.

The Country Bears film is loosely based on Disney's theme-park attraction the Country Bear Jamboree, and it opens in theaters on July 26."

Loosely is the word when you dont even consider the classic tunes we know and love.
Maybe we can re program the CBJ to be Classic Rock Bears?



I agree, Jeff. "Loosely" is very loose indeed in this case. I'm not looking forward to this film at all. Disney could have made something great and endearing with all the original characters and songs, but then I guess that does not spell safety and sure fire "bucks" to them, as usual.


It seems to me that this whole bears ruckus is the result of the company finally reaching a
"creatively bankrupt" state. They have gotten to the point that they are so desperate for material that they are
using theme park attractions for movies. I also think that they are insulting those of us who are fans of the CBJ
attractions at WDW and formally at DL (sigh!). They could have at least used "Bear Band Seranade"! You can
also be certain that if the movie is successful, they'll make the REAL Country bears sing those ssongs. Hopefully,
they won't get a facelift too! And that sign
in Critter Country where the bears used to be hust adds insult to injury!
I am insulted. They're saying that it's a little known fact that the CBJ was based on this traveling band...I am VERY mad!!! :mad: :mad:
Ya know.... I agree with you, but I love John Hiatt...
Yeah .. Iknow what you mean Bean,
The pedigree is pretty good it's just they in no way honored the genius of one of the most widely seen shows of the last 30 years.
WDP didn't even try to connect the show to the movie other than the typical synergistic "ideas" currently with theme parks vs. movies. (It makes Fess Parker's appearance at opening day in 1955 look like a REAL tie in to the park! But Walt was in charge then ..)

Think of the potential if you had the time worn classic tunes done by 5 star country artists. Henry= Vince Gill, Liver Lips = Tim McGraw, Teddy Berra = Faith Hill, Wendal = Alan Jackson, Bunny Bubbles and Buelah = Dixie Chicks, The 5 Bear Rugs = Foggy Bottom Boys??? We could have fleshed out these classics with additional verses with a wink and a nod to the old standard (even background on Shootin' little Buford!)
I'm not a COUNTRY fan but I listen to enough to realize the untapped talent and the wasted oppurtunity this represents. It was one chance to get it right.

It's almost like the old Disneyland Parking lot.. but we won't go there.. (along with alot of other people)

Jeff in OC
PS And I was really looking forward to Garth singin' blood on the saddle.
It's the Brian Seltzer thing that bothers me. I just saw Seltzer open for Tom Petty at Summerfest, and he truly seemed like a man in search of an idea. He is done with the swing/big band thing and now seems to be resurrecting the Stray Cats...

Don't get me started on the parking lot... those power lines humming in the night, the lights of the Disneyland Hotel calling me home. The Monorail Cafe...

When I consider DCA, I can find myself getting all nostalgic about virtually anything...


This line from our local newspaper, in the review for the Country Bears movie, was amusing:

"...filming begins in October for a theatrical version of "The Pirates of the Caribbean" (expected to be released in 2003). A "Haunted Mansion" screenplay is in the works, but the world so far appears to be safe from "It's a Small World: The Movie."


OK ... I'm a living in Europe and all I've seen of the CB-movie so far was a poster they used to decorate a really dark corner in a big tent they used for press / VIPs during the opening of the Walt Disney Studios Paris .... but: is there anything going on in regard of the expected synergy effect? When I was looking around the web I found neither many hints toward the (now unfortunately only) WDW attraction in the movie reviews nor did I find any reports on fan-boards that there are any activities promoting the movie in WDW around CBJ.

So does Disney believe the normal "guest" (or maybe more fitting to the current Eisner-regime: CUSTOMER) will learn themselfes that there is an attraction in WDW to discover and so the synergy effect will show up all on its own - or did Disney already loose faith in the new movie??

Oh and as this is a music board: how does the score of the movie sound?? Any reviews yet??



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The previews for the CBJ movie are horrible. They don't appeal to me at all. If this movie turns out like the previews, I hope they scrap the POTC and HM projects.