Country Bears need some aural refurbishment

Darn, I really thought they were my friends! back stabbing animatronics, ya never know who you can REALLY trust these days.... See if I come see them next time I visit WDW, I;ll go see the super modern stitch before I go see those rickity old animaCRAPtronics.... ;D
Stitch is another one of those annoying shows that gives off an annoying scent and squirts water on you. Seems like every new show you go to these days squirts water on you. At least in CoP and CBJ, one can relax and not have to be worried about water, funny smells, or annoying things touching em.
The bears aren't THAT bad off (at all) .. if they are, it's something VERY recent, and maintenance should be contacted ASAP. ;)
** NEWS FLASH** I just heard they are redoing the COP,,,, and in the scene were uncle orval flushes the toilet everyone will gret spritzed with water, and when the power goes out and comes back on everyone will get electrocuted! Are we not excited!!!
Ya know, that really wouldn't surprise me. Nice bit about Uncle Orville. At least I won't need to wear glasses to have it be in 3D.
The 3d glasses will be needed for the 75th anniversary, in that version they are gonna clear out the animatronics and replace them with a few screens and CGI characters, I CANT WAIT!
Then that must not have been toilet water from Uncle Orville, maybe its the hydraulic fluid coming from the charatcers, should I be worried?


I can see the press release now: "first animatronic toilet to spit water at guests"
Hey if the can make a Dino walk around the Park, who knows what they can do with a toilet... Maybe thats what happend to Mickeys Pants in the photo of him and Micheal at the 50th!
Does anyone know why a couple of the songs have been redone at CBJ?
I would have thought that since the audio still exists for it, they would have just made a copy of it if something happened to WDW's.

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Have they been redone at the actual attraction? As near as I can tell, a few lines in the 6CD set versions of the Original show (and possibly the others) are slightly different than the versions I'm used to hearing. As if, just slightly different takes have been used. Is that what you're referring to?
The version on the 6 CD set is the version I'm used to hearing, which is also the version that was originally released on the record. Currently, the attraction has different versions of some of the songs such as Pretty Little Devilish Mary and If Ya Can't Bite, Don't Growl. I would assume, these different versions aren't the originals since they're not on the two released recordings. I was just curious as to why these songs had been replaced with different renditions when original recordings in some form or another still exist.