Country Bear WDW vs. DLR 50th set


Can anyone compare the CBJ on the 50th set to what plays in WDW? I'm speaking of the "original" show, not the vacation or Christmas versions. It seems to me there is one song in the DL version that is not included in the WDW version. TIA :)
For some reason, two of the songs at WDW are different from the original LP release which is basically the samething as what's on the 50th set. Other than that, I don't believe anything is missing besides the quality at the actual attraction.

Rich T

As I recall, the songs "Devlish Mary" and "If You Can't Bite, Don't Growl," had to have their vocals replaced with other talent due to contractual reasons sometime around 1976. The 50th set contains the original versions.
Well, almost all of the other attractions were in their original states on the set so I don't think this seems out of place.