Country Bear Jamboree Recordings

I think what confused everyone on this post was the question of was a recording issued in mono...then stereo..or not.

Heres what i know from my personal collection on a few of them:

1. CBJ vinyl and cd where only issued mono .

2. America sings was issued in 2 versions and diff files. the vinyl was the full actual attraction in stereo. when issued via the forever kiosks it was issued as 2 tracks with a different "who shot that hole in my sombrero" that was supposedly original to show but i only remember the lp version.

3. Carousel of progress (Disneyland) the theme song was only issued as a 45. I t wasnt until forver kiosks that it was issued in its entirety and multiple tracks and in stereo. The kalidiscope opening was issued in 2 diff mixes on the forever kiosks. One had the narration centered, and other to one side. Later releases are full soundtrack in stereo.. along with diff worlds fair ending.

4 Tiki room LP was only issued mono Forever tracks and cd releases are all stereo. Original forever kiosks had offenbach number that was later cut.