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I noticed that there may be a discrepency between some of the voices currently used in the original show of CBJ at WDW and the LP release of the show. The one that I am sure about is Zeke (who sings Develish Mary). The one on the album is almost a high vibratto while the one in the show is deeper and growlier (shuttup; it's a word). There may be other discrepencies but this is the one I've always noticed. Is this due to some change after the shows premiere? Is there anything else that was changed (other than dropping reference to sponsorship)? Also which of the two voices for Zeke was a member of the Stonemen, or were they both?
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The voice of Zeke the bear on the LP, and I assume in the original 1971 soundtrack of the show, is Disney voice regular Dal McKennon. He says that his version of Zeke was a takeoff on Grandpa Jones of GRAND OLE OPRY and HEE HAW fame. That is a coincidence, because "Devilish Mary" was a song composed by country music pioneer Bradley Kincaid, with whom Grandpa Jones toured as a young man (Kincaid was the one who began calling him Grandpa).

I think one of the Stoneman family played one of the other bears, and now I can't remember which one it was. Boy, howdy!
Yeah, That Stoneman Family is a might mysterious bunch of folks. Here's the only voice info i can find for any of the Bear band voices

Buff: Thurl Tavenscroft (but, eveyone knew that!!)

Max: Pete Renoudet

Melvin: Bill Lee

Henry: Pete Renoudet

Gomer: (mute)

Five Bear Rugs: Stoneman Family

Wendell: Bill Coe

Liverlips McGrowl:Stoneman Family

Trixie: Cheryl Poole

Terrence: The Stoneman Family

Sun Bonnets: Loulie Jean Norman
Peggy Clark
Jackie Ward

Teddi Barra: The Stoneman Family

Big Al : Tex Ritter

Sammy: Bill Coe

some of the songs used in the show arre credited to:

"Blood on the Saddle" Tex Ritter
"Tears Will Be The Chaser For My Wine" Wanda Jackson
"Heart We Did all that We Could" Jean Shepard (spelled Jean not Gene)

Now, Max Buff and Melvin continued to sing additional lyrics as guests exuted the WDW show. In all the press and written material regarding the Disneyland Mile Long Bar; Max, Budd, and Melvin weres aslo suppose to talk and sing. Does anyone have a recording of this?.....or any script material on this??.I recall waiting to see one of them turn and wink and the other trphy head when i was little........but i don't recall them sing or talking.

Oh! I almost forgot!! Jack Wagoner did the later voices for at the Hoop-de-do Revue, and vacation and X-mass show.


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What I find particularly interesting is that it took the entire Stonemen Family to do the voice of Terrence. Talk about a collaborative effort;)
Somehow a typo has crept into the Country Bear credits over the years. The name listed as "Bill Coe" should be Bill COLE. Beginning in 1961 he was a member of the MelloMen quartet, and was obviously quite talented at character voices. Probably someone was writing down the names from an oral source at one time, and "Cole" sounded as if it were pronounced "Coe."

And yes, Bill Cole is still alive. Recently, for the TV Land Awards show, he was reunited with the other three members of the male quartet that sang the Gilligan's Island theme song on the color episodes. The b&w episode theme was sung by the Wellingtons, who were discovered by Walt Disney and signed for the record label, and... well, this could go on forever.
Ernest's voice is also different in the LP and actual show. And it's very hard to tell why. The songs are different by missing or adding a word or two; perhaps this could have to do with it.

i.e. on the LP, Zeke sings, "she hit me on the head with a shevill," but in the actual show, he sings, "she hit me with a shevill." (shovel..that is).

No idea. I've been wondering this for a considerable amount of time... ???


Hey DC-88~

I think Gomer was mislabled. He shouldnt be listed as "Mute" It should say "Don' tawk nun"

Im here to help
Curious, I was under the impression that Teddia bara and Trixie's voices were sung by Crystal Gayle and Maria Muldaur. Forgot where I heard that one, though.