correct exit music "Best Time of Your..."

I've asked this before, but does anyone know if the WDW FOREVER KIOSKS ever fixed the Carousel of Progress mistake before the Kiosks were removed??

The menu selection audio sample for the last act of WDW Carousel of Progress" played the correct exit march of "Best Time of Your Life" and has some of the exit spiel too. The ACTUAL CD didn't include this .......and as a seperate track listed as "EXIT MUSIC" is the semi-sounding carousel music (the full isolated track) that really played as the narrator said "Welcome to the Carousel of most carousels go......."

and on the CD's that music was absent from that part of the show.the narrator speaks with no music.

So does anyone now if that had been fixed during the last few years of WDW FOREVER??

It clearly wasn't corrected and this finally for me clears up why there was no track with the Exit spiel available. I hadn't remembered the "Exit Music" being part of the introduction spiel though.