Cool The Heat 2007


Oh okay. I found a track listing, and there is a track named 'Trickle Trickle'. Is this the theme from both WDW's and Tokyo's Rainy Day Parades? It is based on a song by the group Manhattan Transfer. I have the lyrics and a source version of the parade if that will help. I want to know how the tracks differ and if it is a new version of the parade theme.



tokyo has had several rainy day parades, one of them is like the one at wdw now, but they've done a couple variations for that one.. they also had the 20th anniversary version(i wish they'd release that english version of make a wish :( ) and the goofy one joe just said is included is a different one as well that doesn't use that song you're thinking of at all.

Goofy's Cool Panic