Convention Videos?

Hi everyone!

I really wish I could have experienced the recent Disney Music Convention. Does anyone have photos, audio, or video of the event they could share?



Yes, actually! We weren't allowed to film or photograph the exhibit but I do have some pics from the events, video from Jodi's concert and a live recording of "Celebrate The Magic". I'll try to put them up later tonight.

Have a great day,


Hi everyone! So sorry for the delay in posting. I've been having some unfortunate computer trouble lately and am currently unable to load the videos onto my computer. I did hear the clips from mouse lounge and they sound great--what an awesome weekend!

Here's another clip from the convention: the live premiere of the theme song I composed for the event, "Celebrate The Magic". You can download it here:

The piece is in three movements:
1. The Magic Lives On
2. Celebrate The Magic
3. Grand Finale

As you listen, imagine yourself standing in front of the castle watching a parade pass by and fireworks in the sky! :) Thanks so much for taking the time to listen. It's so nice to share my music with a group of people who share my enthusiasm for the "Disney sound".

A note of thanks: Ken Stigen (makeminemusic), you are AMAZING and thank you so much for asking me to do this and for including me in the events! My parents and I had SO much fun! I also really enjoyed getting to just hang out and listen to Disney tunes.

I really wish everyone could have been there. To all who were involved in the weekend's events, FANTASTIC job!!! It's an experience I'll never forget.

Have a wonderful day,


This exhibit looks awesome. I think I read that it will be going to different cities after it closes in Seattle. I hope that's true.
The website is not too extensive but it seems to provide a good overview. I found it odd, however, that it states that Disney was founded in 1928. The first Mickey Mouse cartoon, and Disney's first soundtrack, may have come out in 1928, but the Disney company itself was founded in 1923.
I noticed a few other slight errors in the press kit, such as Babes in Toyland having a date of 1960, instead of 1961, and Annette's hit single "Tall Paul" being released in 1956 instead of 1959. :-
They should have Dave Smith proofread their website. ;D